Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Round here

Tomorrow morning, I go back to school.
I love my job; I love my co-workers; I love teaching.
But I am so unbelievably sad that this summer is over.
It has flown by, 
and I'll never have another summer with my babies at this age.
They are truly a delight to me in every way,
and I miss them like crazy when we are at school!

They don't go back until the 15th,
so our lives will be cobbled together until then with camps and such.

So here's what we've been up to 'round here, 
during these last few days of summer.

Lana went to a 2 day mini cheer camp at Aletheia last week,
and had a great time!

Cricket Harrison is the cheerleading coach,
and I sat in that chair and cried over how precious she is.
The love of Jesus just oozes out of her,
and I love for my Lana to spend time under her instruction!

We've lived in Pensacola for 5 years,
and just went to the Fish House for the first time!
Of course I had to try the world famous Jim Shirley's Grits a Ya Ya. 
They lived up to their reputation to say the least!

Madison has been our most treasured babysitter for years now,
and we are so sad her family is moving to South Carolina this summer.
She is, quite literally, the best sitter we've ever had.
She interacts with and loves on my babies every minute she's here.
She's the first sitter to ever get Tucker to go to sleep without us being home,
with no tears at all.
I trust her implicitly.

 She's the kind of girl you hope your daughter grows up to be like;
the kind of girl you want your son to marry.
I will miss her so much, and will grieve the fact she won't be a regular influence on my children's lives.  We are so proud of her family for following the Lord to SC -
we are just sad for us!

Dan had the opportunity to preach on a Sunday morning last month,
and his note on his car from the college student he mentors
made me cry my face off.  
Y'all, college students and young adults like this 
are the reason I will survive this election cycle.  
They give me great hope for our future.
How many college students do you know
that would take the time to write the most precious, heartfelt 
letter of encouragement, pair it with a gift,
and leave it to be found?
The fact that these students love us and want to be a part of our lives
is so much more than we could ever deserve.

Tooth #2 is gone!

It was sooo loose, but he wouldn't let us pull it.
(and by loose I mean dangling on by a thread.  ick.)

Finally it came out on its own!

My brother Allan and his wife Ranae came from Fredricksburg for their yearly summer visit.  We love them SO much, and are so grateful for any time we have with them.

I love how they genuinely love and enjoy our children.
They are going to be amazing parents!

My precious sister-in-law makes pottery - 
look at my new favorite mug!
It's SO me, and it makes me so happy that she thought of me.

The kids and I had a full day of running errands,
and the library was on the list.  
These are some of my favorite moments of all time.

Lana has a knack for putting things together like her dad does.
I would never have gotten this kite together.
When I told her how impressed I was, she said 
"Mom, you really just have to read the directions."  Bless.

Sunday mornings with these 4.  So much love.

This love bug makes my heart so happy.

 Tucker has been asking for a cantaloupe all summer;
he was so happy when I let him pick his own out at Bailey's.

Tuesday nights with a group of college girls,
studying the Word and praying and being together....
it's one of the sweetest times of my week.
These girls are like nothing you've ever known.

The kids having fun on Wednesday night Kid's Quarters:
Tucker     Lana
Their groups went in to The Attic at separate times, but they were chosen to play the same game.  Ha!

"Look, mom, I'm just like you, working at your desk!"

"Look!  Now I'm just like dad, working in the yard with my shirt off and sunglasses on."

They enjoyed a day on a pontoon boat in Orange Beach to celebrate
cousin Sofia's birthday.

Our favorite place to eat oysters on the half shell is Doc's.
Dan and Lana and I can put away 2 dozen in a matter of minutes - it's a family fave.
Tucker finally tried one....and loved it!!  He begged us to order another dozen.

My favorite song: Mommy, by Tucker.

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