Monday, July 25, 2016

Yes Day 2016

We love YES DAY!
They happen once or twice a year.
Mom says yes to any question the kids ask, within reason.
The questions can't be expensive,
and they can't involve travel.
Other than that, anything goes.

Tucker's first question of the morning:
Can I drink some of the white chocolate syrup?

The next few questions were predictable:
they involved cartoons and junk cereal.

 The rest of the day included questions like these:

Can I play the Wii?
Can we leave our beds unmade?  Skip our chores?
Can we go to Fast Eddie’s and play arcade games?  Can we get 100 tokens?
Can I wear slippers to Fast Eddie’s instead of real shoes?
Can I wear a hat instead of fixing my hair?
Can I braid your hair?
Will you wear it all day?
Can we go to the park?  
Will you push me on the swings even thought I can pump myself?
Can I hang in this tree?
Can we go out for lunch?
Can we have ice cream?
Can we play electronics instead of having rest time?
Can we go to the beach?
Can we take Pepper with us?
(She wasn't a huge fan.)
Can we stay until it’s dark?
Can we have Krispy Kreme for dinner?
Can we stay up late tonight, until 8:00?
(This was Tucker's 8:00 dance to celebrate the YES!)

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