Friday, July 1, 2016

Wahoo's baseball game

The Blue Wahoos are our hometown baseball team, and Team Davis loves to go cheer them on!  It was such a treat, then, to have tickets gifted to us by our children's dentist.

Every time we go for a cleaning and they don't have any cavities, their names go in the monthly drawing for tickets to a Wahoos game, and this time Tucker's name was drawn!

We got 2 tickets, so Dan & Tucker went to the game,
while Lana and I had a girls night.  :)

They literally had the time of their lives!
We just knew Tucker wasn't going to want to stay the whole time,
but we couldn't have been more wrong.
He loved it and insisted on staying until the very end!

Meanwhile, we enjoyed a night of our favorite things:
sushi, shopping at Hobby Lobby, spending gift cards at the store,
and relaxing with hot chocolate and a book.
We sat in Books a Million until it closed at 10 pm!

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