Friday, July 22, 2016

Round here

We did our well checks this month:
Lana: 85 pounds, 59.5" tall
100th percentile for height, and the 70th for weight.

Tucker: 54 pounds, 50" tall
95th percentile for height, 75th for weight.

Making popsicles has been one of our summer obsessions.
We really loved these blueberry smoothie ones!

It absolutely melts my heart that when my almost-7 year old sees flowers,
he still immediately thinks of his mama.
One day, flowers will make him think of another girl,
so I treasure every little blossom he presents to me.

I love Lana's beautiful sidewalk art!

My babies got roasted at the beach.  
I promise I did it right: applied a high quality sunscreen with zinc,
reapplied every 2 hours, made them stay out of the water for 15 minutes while it dried...I just don't know.  
Thank goodness mama has Lavender oil!  
Within 24 hours, they were back to normal.

Pepper update:
We took her back to the eye doctor, and did not get good news.
She is 90% blind; the only vision remaining is that she can see large shadows with her left eye.  There is no hope of vision returning, as her retinas are too far gone, and there is no hope that they will reattach.  The concern now is keeping her comfortable.  When the retinas completely detach, her pain level will increase significantly, and will almost certainly develop glaucoma.  At that point, we will have to discuss complete removal of the eyes.  It's awful to even consider, but because she's a beagle, we know that she can and will adapt.  Her nose and ears will serve her well!  A secondary concern at that point will be the cost of the surgery; it's going to cost around $2800 per eye.
For now, we are waiting and watching.
She's still happy and doesn't seem to be in much pain.
She is eating and sleeping well, playing and snuggling with us.
Her ophthalmologist says that her eyes are probably itchy, but that's manageable.

This is how she treated me the whole way home from the doctor.  Ha!

We still play mean tricks on her, though.  :)

And she's still got plenty of personality:
Grrrr 2

I took Lana to my girl Cacee at 10th Avenue Hair.
She not only gave her a great cut, but took 20 minutes to talk to her about hormones and good hygiene when taking care of her hair as she enters a new phase of life.  So precious!

I love having these kids with me during the summer.  
Even running errands is fun with them!

I found this video of Tucker "reading" his favorite book 3 years ago:

She's such a little snuggle bug!

Some of our college students and college grads invited me to do this Bible study with them this summer.  It's the first Priscilla Shirer study I've done, and I am absolutely loving it.
Lana and Dan went to CentriKid, and would you believe that they were focused on Ephesians 6, as well!  It gives me butterflies when God starts saying the same things to all the people of Team Davis.

My work hours for my essential oils business are scattered during the summer, so I am super grateful for any little pockets of time I can find to sit alone and work.

I'm such a baby, and have a hard time sleeping when Dan is away.  
Bless the single moms and military wives - I can't imagine.
This is how I have to stack the pillow so I can sleep while he's gone.

Favorite summer breakfast: 
greek vanilla yogurt, honey almond granola, and fresh blueberries!

These puppy dog eyes!!

I love this lotion!  I use it all summer long, and honestly, through the winter, too.  Tucker is so funny - he loves how it smells!

While Lana was at CentriKid, Tucker went to tennis camp:

He had a great time!  They played tennis in the mornings,
swam in the afternoons, and played lots of fun games.

I love when I take him shopping and turn around to find him doing this:

Tucker missed his sister like crazy while she was at CentriKid!  
She got home on Friday, and he barely left her side for the entire weekend.

Lana brought home some seriously stinky laundry with her....
it was wet and musty and awful.
Thank goodness for these 2!

The kids have started jogging with me some in the evenings,
and the sprinkler is perfect for cooling off when we get home!

My friend and business partner Katie hosted all of our business people at her house for a cookout and swimming.  I love seeing all of our kiddos together!

playing tug-of-war

We had family photos taken by the beautiful and talented Lucy Steiner.  She is an absolute magician, and not only are we so pleased with how they turned out, the whole experience was fantastic.  

July has been awesome!  Exactly 2 weeks until I have to go back to work;
I wish I could make time stand still.

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