Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ponce de Leon Springs

Today we visited Ponce de Leon Springs with my dear friends April & Britney and their children.  I have called these two women friends since I was in middle school - over 20 years!  Since we moved back from NC, we get together with our kiddos every summer, and it is always a joy.  The kids play so well together, we all 3 mother all the children, and we get to catch up on life in between.  It's a highlight of the summer for me!

April lives just a few miles from this spring.
We couldn't get over how beautiful it is!
That water is absolutely freezing....68 degrees year round.
I could only get in up to my waist, and my lower body was numb within minutes.

 I love these pictures of Lana's first jump into the water - her face is great!

The shocking cold didn't stop her, though!

Tucker managed to jump in a few times, 
but this was more his speed.  HA!

We had a great day, and can't wait to take Dan back!

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