Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of July weekend with the Scott's

Dustin and April are some of our best friends in the world,
and we love each other's children like our own,
so any time we get to spend a few days together,
it's a treat, and a gift to our souls.
For it to happen right in the middle of the summer,
one of the busiest seasons for pastors,
is almost unheard of,
and we were so happy that it worked out
for us to be together this holiday weekend!

We had a wonderful day at the beach on Saturday:

We enjoyed worship together on Sunday morning,
and then treated ourselves to sitters to have a kid-free lunch!

Fireworks on Sunday evening:

praying together before bed:

So many fun, precious, heartwarming times!

But these pictures don't do this weekend justice.
They don't show you the hours of talking,
the laughing until tears poured down our faces,
the way we confess things we might not say to anyone else,
the kids playing together endlessly,
the shared meals that were as good for our soul
as they were our stomachs,
the easy rhythm we share of 
preparing meals and cleaning up and parenting children
and being together.
To know the Scotts is to love them,
and we know it is our honor
to have been able to count them as dear friends
for going on 16 years.

They are our people.
Can't you tell???

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