Friday, July 15, 2016

CentriKid 2016

Dan and Lana just arrived home from a week at CentriKid in Norman Park, Georgia.
They had a fantastic time,
and I want to let Lana tell you all about it:

Me and Reagan have been best friends since we started going to church together, and we have the best time together.  We signed up for the exact same things, so we did the same tracks everyday.  We were in the same dorm, slept on the same bed, and sat beside each other on the bus.  Reagan is the sweetest girl, and she is so encouraging to me.

Here we were trying to be optimistic, so we laughed about the heat. And the gnats.
I don't even know what was happening here.
                                                     They're just being crazy boys.
This is me, my dad, and my best friend being silly.  

                                                            The girl bus = The best bus
 Sometimes, even best friends make fun of you.
Everybody needs instructions.

                                                          FIRST DAY FUN!!!!!!
                                                     Learning camp cheers!!!!
                                                    Everybody wants to be first!

                                                                TAG!!! .....on the first day!!                  

Daddy/daughter pic

everybody's excited about camp

Daddy took this of the boys' room

Landon wrote himself a note:

Everybody loved the food!
I've never had better food at camp.
My favorite thing they served was the fried chicken!

Worship was centered on God's Word,
and I learned a lot.

We had small group Bible study.
My group was the Parachutes.
Each Bible study had a flying-themed name.

crazy kids

We had hang time at night, and everyone just chilled together.
Most of the time we went to the snack shop and got sweets.

This is Skyler, the camp flight attendant.
She brought kids up to play games on stage,
and they could earn points for their team.


For every game we play on the Rec field, we have a lesson about it.
For example, when we played Mosquito Tag,
we talked about Satan getting you for his purpose.
You have to fight and run from him!

At the end of Rec, we would all get together at "The Stage"
and summarize the day's lesson.

waiting in line in the cafeteria
Reagan makes the best funny faces!

our room!
We had 6 girls in one room.

Dad posted this on Facebook:
This is "Big Mike." He bench presses 405lbs and squats 550lbs. 
He also serves ice cream @centrikid summer camp for fun.


I always looked forward to PARTY in the afternoons,
when Skylar would bring kids up to just play games and have fun!

I got chosen to play a game one day!

This is where we gathered to go to our Tracks.
We would meet at our Track Flags.
I did Archery, Splish Splash (pool games), and Sign Language.

Dad came to visit me at Archery to take pictures!

We did worship every evening, he talked, and we sang songs.


Ice cream in the middle of the night helps.


More tired.
We stayed up until 10:30 every night, 
and my usual bedtime is 7:00 p.m.!

Headed to the cafeteria....
having my dad there was the best.
He helped me with problems and stuff,
because I lost a few things.
If I needed anything, I could just ask him,
which was cool, 
because most kids didn't have their parents there.

Our group had meetings in the lobby.
One time we had to have a meeting about no ding dong ditching.

Our sign language track did the song "There Is Power"
at worship on Thursday night.

Finally on the way home!
We watched movies on the bus to stay awake.

Overall, Centrikid is the best camp I've ever been to,
and here's why you should go, too:
  1. You will learn a lot about God.
  2. The food is fantastic.
  3. You get to be around your friends alot.
  4. It's a great experience to get to go away to a different state.
  5. The leaders are great: the like all the kids a lot, they are super nice, and they help you with things.

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