Wednesday, July 13, 2016

All of God's grace, in one little face.

It feels so unique, so spectacularly isolating, but I think every mother must sometimes have nights like I did tonight, where all I could think of was all the ways I've blown it as a mom, all of the times I've done and been and said and felt the wrong thing. Their whole littles lives ran before my eyes, and the star of the show was my mess ups. And while I don't often dwell on my failures, while I know this is why my children need me to point them to Jesus as their Savior, while I almost always preach the gospel of grace to myself and find peace, tonight it was crushing me. I found the remedy: scooping up the littlest Davis from his bed and putting him in mine. Counting his freckles, kissing his lips. Treasuring it up it my heart when he smiled in his sleep and reached out to hold my hand. All of God's grace in one little face. #seizethedavis #keepingitreal #perspectacles

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