Wednesday, July 27, 2016

14 years.

Fourteen years today.
Over 5,000 days we've been married; he's seen me at my absolute best, and absolute worst, and we're still here, still choosing love.
So to honor this day, and this incredible man, I want to share 14 things you might not know about Dan.
1. He pastes my toothbrush every night. I never paste his, I always forget; but he never does. He even does the 1/2 baking soda paste and 1/2 regular toothpaste on mine because it's what I love.
2. He is the one the children wake in the middle of the night because he is unfailingly patient. They almost always go to his side of the bed.
3. He cooks breakfast for us every morning, and his fried eggs are the best you'll ever have.
4. He really is that unfailingly optimistic, that irresistibly charming. He can talk customer service people into making exceptions for him or doing what he wants, almost every time. People just genuinely LIKE him. (And no wonder.)
5. He holds my hand so I can fall asleep at night. It's one of the great comforts of my life.
6. He has a sweet tooth that knows no bounds; cookies and milk are his love language.
7. On road trips, he always drives so that I can sleep.
8. He is the sweetest, strongest presence in the delivery room. Both times I've had our babies, under completely opposite circumstances, he has been my absolute rock.
9. He believes the best of everyone, everyone, everyone. Even when they treat him poorly, he chooses to extend grace and believe the best some more.
10. He can pack a lunch for school faster than you can blink.
11. If ever our clothes are neat, if ever we look presentable, it's because he helps us pick out clothes and iron. He is the one with the fashion sense in our family.
12. He is the best in a crisis. When the bottom falls out, when things fall apart, he is steady and calm and peaceful. He's the one you want around if things spiral out of control.
13. He has to be pushed to do things he loves, like playing golf or softball or fishing, because he doesn't want to neglect our family.
14. He loves Jesus like crazy, and has from the moment he chose to follow Him. He's got the most incredible faith.
I've been many things over the years: daughter, sister, friend, student, teacher, mom....and of all the things I've been, being his wife is my favorite.

This girl is my rock! She's also my safe place to land. She's just good like that y'all. Somehow she manages to be the energy that keeps Team Davis moving forward in the right direction and the anchor that holds us firm in this life full of craziness. I started to make a list, but she beat me to it. (If you know us, you're not surprised by that.) "All the things that matter most" would pretty much some it up though. She's loving and kind to everyone she meets. She lights up the room with her incredible smile. She speaks life with the words she says and the life she lives. She can have an entire conversation with her facial expressions alone. She is raising two of the most incredible children in the world and she's doing it like a boss. She's a born teacher who loves to see children learn. A small business owner (even when she didn't want to be, but it fell in her lap.) A Jesus loving, disciple making, woman after God's own heart. And she's MINE! Has been for 14 years. Grateful to God for the gift He has given me in her.

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