Saturday, July 30, 2016

10th Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday, Lana asked to spend the day at Waterville with her cousins.
We had a great time, and were there from the time they opened the gate to the time they closed it!
Here are some videos from the Flowrider:
Dan and more Dan

Her actual birthday was today, and we spent the day doing all the things she loves the most.  

We started the morning with my homemade blueberry muffins and Dan's smoothies.

Then she wanted us to blow up an air mattress and watch movies all morning.
We gladly indulged in that request!

Dan's administrative assistant Mariah delivered Szotski's to our door!
She was thrilled, and even shared with us.

After lunch, she requested an afternoon and evening trip to the beach.
It's our very favorite time of day there!

It was National Cheesecake Day, so at the birthday girl's request,
we made one more stop on the way to the beach!

Good thing we did, 
because we entered a drawing and won cheesecake for a YEAR!

One more stop at Jersey Mike's for italian subs (her fave), 
and we made it to our happy place.

 I am obsessed with this picture
of my beautiful 10 year old in this beautiful place.

It was a perfect day to relax and be together,
celebrating the absolute joy she is to us.

This guy - his favorite thing to do at the beach is snack.

He also discovered the "butterfly shells" 
that I remember playing with throughout my childhood.

We had such a lovely day with our girl,
doing the laid-back, wonderful things that she loves.
Here's to another year with our beautiful Allana Marie!

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