Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Sometimes, on a Tuesday, you pile your kiddos in the car and start running errands at 8 am and don't stop until well into the afternoon, when you end with a marathon Walmart shopping trip.
And sometimes as you are pushing your buggy to your parking spot in the next county over, the bottom falls out and you get soaked. 

And sometimes you might decide to laugh instead of cry and race through the rain with your babies.
And then sometimes (hopefully never) your overflowing buggy hits a bump, bags go careening across the parking lot, your case of water on the bottom rack hits the pavement, and water bottles go flying like bowling pins.
So when you finally get home and get everything unloaded and everyone dried off, you put this "Lemon Sugar Cookie" recipe in your diffuser, and pray that you bought something chocolate at the store because you deserve all the sweet things.

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