Saturday, June 4, 2016

Orange Beach!

It's a Team Davis tradition:
every summer, we try to spend a few days in Orange Beach.
Dan's parents have a rental condo that they so kindly let us stay in,
and they even offered us use of their cute little fishing boat for our stay!
We had a great time this week;
it was the perfect way to start off the summer.

I love their ages!
Instead of junk for souvenirs, they wanted new flip flops - 
how perfect!  Their choices perfectly show their personality.
Side note: we had to buy Lana a women's size 8.  holy.

hermit crab hunting at Perdido Pass

I will never get over this...
Mommy, we made you something!
I heart you, written in sand.
These two little ones have stolen my heart.

It was the beginning of the month,
so I had work to do, online classes to teach, and team building to do.
I didn't mind this view while I worked!

We took the little boat to Robinson Island one day,
and it was a bit of paradise!
There was a great little breeze blowing,
the water was as clear as glass,
and the tide was perfect for the kids to play.
We absolutely love that place!

 Tucker's idea of heaven: snacking in the water.

My three favorites in one of my favorite places.

No trip to Orange Beach is complete without a trip (or 10)
to Dave's Sno-Balls.
Order the Margarita flavored, trust me.

We went for a sunset boat ride one evening....
I can hardly believe that these children belong to me.
I know I'm biased, but they are literally breathtaking.

 And this guy.  HE'S the one.  
He has my whole heart.
We have literally grown up together, in every way,
and I find that I love him more now than ever.
He's the one who makes me laugh, understands my quirks,
quiets my fears, takes me on adventures, makes my heart leap.
I am better because he calls me his.

This little beauty.
I don't know what she'll be or how God will use her,
but I'm the gladdest mommy in the world to have a front row seat.
She's a treasure.

Team Davis sure does love summertime!

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