Thursday, June 30, 2016

Round here

June has been out of control busy, in the best way possible!
We have barely stopped to catch a breath,
and it has been all of the most fun things!

The highlight of the month was our trip to St. Louis,
but we've had lots of fun besides that, too!

Our dear friends the Lourcey's came for a visit!
You know I loved getting to snuggle sleeping babies.

We sent the daddies and kids to the park,
and snuck in a Lemondropper business meeting
while Emily was here!

We packed up a bajillion toys and snacks and supplies
and spent a day at Langdon Beach.
It was absolutely lovely!

We try to get all of our annual appointments taken care of during the summer,
when the schedule is a bit looser.
We never dread our visit to the kids' dentist.
Dr. McAuley and her team are the absolute BEST.

Tucker was thrilled when the hygienist showed him that he did, indeed, have 2 loose teeth!
One on on the top and one on the bottom.

I immediately left the dentist office and called our photographer and scheduled family pictures!  I knew that I must have pictures before that tooth fell out and changed his little smile completely.
It barely hung on....

but we took family pictures on a Monday night

and then it fell out the very next night!!

I love his new smile!
It's so adorable and I love the phase of life that it represents,
but I am so very glad I got one more set of pictures with baby teeth.

We'll schedule our next session when he's missing his top 2 teeth,
because I do SO love that smile, too!

Summer is for breaking the rules,
and enjoying double chocolate chip fraps from Starbucks.

This picture I snapped of Lana at the Peabody
makes my heart squeeze.
Sometimes she's so very grown up and ladylike
and knows her own mind,
and sometimes she holds her doll in her lap.
We're in that in-between stage,
and I just love her so much.

 God has been so good to bless me with a nice little work-from-home essential oil business that I really love.  During the school year, I carve out work hours while the kids are in school, but obviously that doesn't happen during the summer.  I fit in work while they are having their daily quiet time, or after they go to bed.  I've been getting creative, too, with how I work - they helped me pack and send out lots of happy mail this month!

Our precious Pepper has lost her vision again.
While we were in St. Louis, my friend Mary was caring for her,
and she texted one morning, knowing that something was amiss. 
Pepper was just acting funny.
Within hours, her vision was completely gone again,
and Mary took her straight to the vet for us.
They administered topical steroids with no improvement.
At the recommendation of the veterinary ophthalmologist,
Dr. Carrigan sedated her, and administered steroids to the eyeball itself,
in an effort to reduce the inflammation and help the retina reattach.
No improvement.
Two weeks later, and she is still completely blind.
The concern at this point is that her retina is completely detached,
which will lead to permanent and painful glaucoma.
There are no treatments left to try that have been tested on dogs.
There are a few that have been tested on horses with uveitis that we may try.
The remaining option would be to surgically remove her eyeballs themselves.  
 We are devastated to even think of that option,
but know that it is ok if she's blind as long as she's not in pain.
We have an appointment with Dr. Galle, the ophthalmologist in Mississippi,
to let him look at her and discuss treatment.

She seems to be content,
and is eating and drinking well.
She's a bit whiny,
and we give her pain meds as needed for discomfort.
She tends to want to be very close to us all the time.
None of us complain about that.

We just finished up a FANTASTIC week of Vacation Bible School!
Our theme was "Submerged,"
and the Land Sharks were the star of our morning assembly each day!

Tucker was asked to lead the Pledge to the Bible one morning,
and took that job very seriously.

 I led a crew of firsties with my sweet Katie Barker,
and LOVED it!
I heard being a guide was the hardest job,
but Katie insisted I do it with her, and I had the best time!
I don't ever want to do anything else!!

Katie and Tucker

Tucker was super excited about Family Night,
and told everyone he saw all day long that he was going to sing on stage at church that night.

Lana sang, too, 
but whereas my Tucker was at the front of the pack,
Lana found herself a spot in the middle where we couldn't see her and stayed put.
She and I are similar in SO many ways!

 Dan thought the land sharks were pretty cool, too.

We have tried to build pockets of free time into this crazy month,
and I love these pictures of each of my children that capture how they spend their time.
Lana borrowed my labelmaker one afternoon,
and seriously labeled everything that wasn't moving.
Tucker just wants to have the hose on the trampoline.

Would you believe we have been married 14 years this summer,
and just made our first major appliance purchase together?!
Our washer and dryer were in the house that Dan bought his first year of college,
and they were old when he moved in.
They have held on for over 20 years, through countless moves,
and have done thousands of loads of laundry.
The washing machine finally quit draining between cycles,
and instead of spending money to repair it,
we decided it was time to invest in a new one.
We had a fantastic experience with Colin at hhgregg!
They saved us bundles of money, 
and did everything they could to make us happy.
We got a fantastic washer and dryer at a great price,
so I think everyone was happy!!

 We've squeezed in weekly library trips all month long,
and the quietest rides in the world are after we leave there.

 July is going to be much quieter,
I am intentionally making it so.
We are spending lots of days at home doing nothing,
some days meeting friends for fun and adventure,
and trying to be as unscheduled and relaxed as possible.

I have to go back to school August 3, so my summer is halfway over!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Salt life.

Tucker's first Tooth Treasure Hunt!

In March of 2012, Lana lost her first tooth and we instituted the Tooth Treasure Hunt!

Yesterday, Tucker lost his first tooth and got to do his first treasure hunt this morning!

Our kids put their teeth under their pillow just like everyone else,
but when they wake up the next morning,
there is a clue!
It takes them on a hunt around the house for their treasure:

Tucker has watched big sister do these treasure hunts for years,
so he was a total pro!

We never can remember how much money we give for teeth - 
anyone else have that problem?!
We really should stick with a dollar amount, ha!

Looking forward to lots of treasure hunts in this little guy's future!