Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Round here

Lana with one of her best buddies from church.
Our girl has had a lot of transition in the past couple of years;
I'm so thankful for a sweet, heart friendship like these 2 have.

Tucker got new glasses and now he looks even more like his daddy!

We just finished reading The Tale of Despereaux out loud together.
Tucker came out of his room after quiet time one day,
and had tied a black rope around his foot.
He said, "Look!  I'm like Gregory the Jailer."
I LOVE his imagination!

All day on Mondays and most Wednesday afternoons and many evenings,
this is where you'll find me, working my small business:

and I LOVE it for times like this,
conference calls with my leaders:
I never dreamed my love for essential oils would turn into a 
real, genuine small business,
but it has and these people are the reason I love it!

Many afternoons I will find them like this after school.
Maybe not always, and maybe not for long...
but they both need time to decompress like their mama.

This popped up on Facebook, from 4 years ago.
When my baby girl was in kindergarten,
and she declared us Besties Forever.
Melt my heart!

My mom sent Lana this beautiful bouquet of flowers
to celebrate her outstanding Tropicana speech performance!
So precious!  She was so proud of them.

Dan's dad let us borrow his jeep for a bit,
and we are LOVING it,
even when we have to bundle up for rides.

Team Davis are coastal people at heart,
and it is not lost on me one bit
that it is God's great kindness to let us live here:

Our friends the Moore's met us on the beach for a wonderful Friday evening together:
These kiddos have known each other their whole lives.
I love that.

I like the beach in the quiet, cool morning,
and I don't like it so much in the hot, hot midday,
but from about 3 pm until sunset,
it's a little slice of heaven for me.

This smile and giggle...
he owns me.

Check out this cute little guy from Hillcrest.
He and Dan look so much alike!
I think we could steal him and people would think he was ours. 

Dan surprised the kids with tickets to see their favorite comedian, Brian Regan.
Now, he's not my favorite humor,
but they listen to him together every morning on the way to school,
and think he's hysterical!
So what a treat to get to see him live together!

The show didn't start until 8 pm!  
My little buddy is usually in bed by 7 pm,
so he hung tough as long as he could.

We consider it an honor that Dan serves on the board of our local Boys and Girls Club.
He was so proud of this year's Student of the Year.  She's very special!

Now that the kids are both in school,
Fridays are date days.
Now, as it has turned out,
we get about 1 a month instead of 1 a week.
Usually a kid has an activity, or we have to meet with the accountant, or a there's an ortho/vision/something appointment, or we have a project that has to get done.
Blah blah blah.
Even on those busy Fridays when we don't get the day-long date that we hope for,
we try to at least sneak in a coffee together.
We're fans of Constant Coffee and Tea on Scenic Highway these days.

These two.  Thick as thieves.

The early harvest of blueberries is ripe here,
and BOY are they a great bounty!
They are huge and sweet and falling off the bushes!
We've put up nearly 2 dozen bags for the winter,
have eaten them until we're stuffed,
made a blueberry pie and a berry compote,
and can't wait to go back and pick some more!

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  1. We soooo loved hanging out with you guys last week! All of us had a great time! Hope to see you when our travels swing us back that way in June. Oh, and I LOVE your oily toner. Why did it take me so long to try it?!?!