Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pepper update

The weekend of May 1, 
we knew something was wrong with Pepper again.
She quit eating entirely,
and then she quit drinking. 

She could still see fine - it was something else.
She wouldn't play, wouldn't cuddle.
I tried making her favorite treats to tempt her:
vegetable soup, chicken and rice, even bacon.
She wouldn't touch a bite.

She was acting so out of character that I was afraid to leave her on Sunday morning.
Dan took the kids to church,
and I stayed home to monitor her and at least try to get fluids in her.

She wouldn't stay near me at all.  She would wander outside,
and then lay in the grass.
I would pick her up, bring her inside and lay down beside her.
She would rest for a minute or two,
and then go back outside again.
She was trying to stay away from me,
finally crawling under the shed where I couldn't reach her.

I'm no dummy - I know that's what dogs do when they die.
They find a place to be alone.
I was beside myself.
I laid on the grass outside the shed,
and told her what a good girl she was 
and how very much we loved her
and I thought that she was really going to die right there in front of me.

when Dan came home, she came out to see him,
but was definitely not herself.

We took her straight to the vet Monday morning.
They kept her for 36 hour, giving her IV fluids and monitoring her.
Turns out she had a bad UTI,
and some sort of reaction to the medicine she's taking to clear up her vision.

So she had to come off those meds, obviously. 
That means her retina will continue to detach
and she will likely lose all vision, but we will deal with that.
Look at her sweet little bandaged arm.
She was glad to be back home!
Within 12 hours or so,
she was back to normal, mostly.

She still isn't eating a ton,
which is not a bad thing,
because we think we may have discovered the culprit of this whole thing:
her food.

A friend suggested we check the food she's eating.
Although it's not the same brand,
what happened to her dog sounds so, so similar 
to what's happening to Pepper.

So I did some quick research on Blue Buffalo (our food),
and discovered several lawsuits against them for similar things,
including saying there are things that are their food that aren't, and vice versa.

Blue Buffalo came highly recommended -
we thought we were doing the best for her!
Not so mch.

We are doing research now to figure out what is best for her.

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