Friday, May 20, 2016

Lana's Piano Recital

Tonight Lana had her first piano recital.
We were so proud of her!

One remarkable thing about Lana that we are seeing more and more as she gets older is her ability to stay composed under pressure.  She said she was extremely nervous, but you would never be able to tell.  She was the same as she gave her Tropicana Speech for the whole school & judges.  She never wavered either time.  It's impressive!

This is beautiful Ms. Bloch, Lana's piano teacher.
She is a single mother of 1 adopted daughter, and many foster daughters.
She teaches 3rd grade, and gives piano lessons in the afternoons and evenings.
She's absolutely wonderful!

She was so lovely, and played her piece beautifully.

The only tiny clue about how nervous she is feeling is her pink cheeks.

Ms. Bloch is the perfect teacher for Lana!
She is quiet and encouraging, but demands excellence.
When Tucker turns 7, we hope he will be able to start taking lessons as well.
We loved the kind words she spoke about Lana at the end.

This is our beloved babysitter Madison!
Her younger sister takes lessons from Ms. Bloch,
and performed in the recital as well.

So proud of our pianist!!

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