Thursday, May 5, 2016

After School Make and Take

Meet Libby (center), and Katie, my local oily business buddies:

We love doing classes and educational events together.
We are a great team!

Today we did a Make and Take at our school after hours.
It was fantastic, and one of my favorite things we've done!

We set up stations around the room for people to make things like roller bottles, spray bottles, bath salts, and sugar scrubs.  We also gave away some fun prizes: an oil display rack, wool dryer balls, cream base, and a capsule holder!

If people who wanted to come did not have oils,
we took care of them!

Super fun decorating station:
they grabbed a bag to pack their goodies in to,
and had washi tape, ribbon, and fabric to label and decorate their items.

It was a blast having everyone together, laughing and talking and oiling!

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