Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tropicana Speech Contest

The Tropicana Speech Contest is a competition for elementary and middle school students.  They prepare speeches on a topic of their choice, and then they compete against the kids in their class. They then move on to the finals in their school, and if they make it to district, they compete against the school district's finalist.

Lana wrote, prepared, and delivered her speech earlier this week, and was chosen by her classmates as one of the top 3 in her class!

Today, the top 3 in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade presented their speeches to their classes and a panel of judges in the gym.  Lana won 1st place for her grade!

Our school can only send 1 representative for the elementary category, and the judges chose the top 5th grader, so Lana won't go on to district.  We are SO very proud of her, though!  You can watch her speech here: Tropicana Speech

This means even more to us because of how very shy she was growing up.  
In preschool, she would refuse to go on stage for musicals and plays.
We had to create a reward system for her to even smile at people when they spoke to her: forget responding to them!
Here's a great example: Dan took her on a breakfast date and asked the waitress to take a picture of them.  Because she didn't know the waitress, she refused to look at the camera:

She was painfully shy, I tell you.

So for her to present a 2-3 minute speech to her peers and a panel of adult judges is absolutely incredible!  She was so poised and prepared, and was passionate without being overly dramatic.  We were so very pleased with our daughter today!  Public speaking is a life-long skill, and she impressed us, her classmates, and the judges today.

We are headed to Tokyo to celebrate with hibachi tonight!

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