Monday, April 18, 2016

Sebaceous cyst: before and after

Wednesday, April 13
 I went to my doctor to see about this weird cyst on my arm.
He called it a sebaceous cyst.
He says it is harmless, but is very unlikely to go away on its own.
They usually grow rapidly and become infected.
He wanted to create an eye-shaped incision and remove the cyst by hand,
using only local anesthetic.
That doesn't sound like my idea of a good time,
so I asked him if I could try oils for a few weeks.
I promised I would come back to him if it didn't go away.
He tolerates my use of essential oils 
because he knows I will use western medicine too,
so he agreed.

I made up a roller bottle with this mixture of my Young Living oils:
20 drops frankincense
20 drops tea tree oil
20 drops of copaiba
no carrier oil

Thursday, April 14
I keep the roller ball I made in my pocket or purse,
and apply it on the cyst almost constantly.
Every time I see the oil dry, I reapply.
There's been a lot of improvement in just 24 hours.
I think it's smaller,
and it's definitely less painful and hot to the touch.

Friday, April 15
It's showing so much improvement today!
It's much less hard, and not painful at all.

Monday, April 18
I tried to get a really good picture of it today
to show the dramatic improvement in only 5 days!
I know I still have friends who think my essential oils are voodoo,
or at least a placebo effect.
There's no placebo affect here, friends.

The proof is in the pictures.

Update: Monday, May 2
Completely gone!

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