Monday, April 25, 2016

Round here

Lana decided a couple of months ago to take a break from swim,
and thought she might give tumbling a try.
She's in a beginners class once a week, 
and is having a great time.
She's the beauty in black "bridging up like Dan Davis,"
and look at her go on that rope!
She was so proud to finally get to the top.
I love how determined she is when she sets her mind to something.

Last week, it rained almost every day,
and Tucker was going a bit batty.  He NEEDED to get outside.
trampoline + dish soap + rain = lots of bubbly fun!

Lana (and half of her class) had strep throat last week.
It was the first time we'd been to the doctor since the summer of 2014.
(The doctors office was a little annoyed; I was a little smug.)

Tucker and I made a Sam's run one afternoon,
and I bought him a book he was really enjoying while I shopped.
I do believe I have another book worm on my hands!

Sometimes being a #ladyboss means multi-tasking:
snuggling a boy while answering emails

Pepper likes to help Lana study.

Tucker and Dan are over halfway through their t-ball season,
and it has been a fantastic one!
Dan is a great coach, and Tucker really enjoys playing for him.

I'm working on the art of the beachy wave.

I made Lana clean out her desk drawers,
and look what we found: boiled eggs.  

Dan: "Tucker, look!  Pepper wants to snuggle with you."
Tucker: "What?  We are snuggling."

Katie Barker giggles + honey vanilla lattes = sweet, sweet mornings

Tucker and I were waiting for Lana to finish her piano lesson,
and the ice cream truck rolled by.
Happy, happy boy!

We wake the children up 15 minutes early each morning before school,
and they pile in our room with comfy blankets and their Bibles
and read until we make them start getting ready.
I pray that this is always the rhythm of their life!

Lana making her favorite dish: green bean casserole.

Two of my favorite warm weather treats:
Chick Fil A Frosted Coffee

Wild Honey Dole Whip

Speaking of warm weather,
we just made our first beach trip of the year!
It's almost not worth it to go down on the weekends,
but we've discovered that if we are in the car by 8 a.m.,
we can make it down before most of the traffic,
and have had plenty by lunch time.
The water is still SO COLD - 
can't believe these kiddos were in it!

making sandcastles - Dan is an expert!

Tucker was so, so proud of his sandcastle.
He looks too old here to me:
those aviators and long legs and gorgeous grin.
I could inhale him.

Even though our kids no longer nap,
we still have a daily quiet time on the weekends and school holidays.
I came in to get Tucker after a quiet time, and found this:
I couldn't even fuss at him - he makes me laugh! 

My friend Mary and I teach the kindergarten Sunday School class,
and we have been learning about perseverance this month.
We had our children write about a time they had to stick with something 
even though it was hard.
Tucker wrote about learning to ride his bike:
He is finally starting to get the hang of it!
bike 1     bike 2     bike 3     bike 4
It's mostly our fault that he hasn't mastered this skill.
Our neighborhood roads aren't very good for bike riding,
and we don't take them elsewhere to ride very often.

cleaning out stuffed animals - these things multiply!

Just a little glimpse in to what they are learning at school:

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