Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pepper update

This poor baby lost her vision again.
She did ok for about 4 weeks,
and then we could tell yesterday that it was beginning to go again.

 We took her back to the specialist,
who confirmed that her eyes are inflamed again, and her retina is detaching.
He believes this is some sort of internal issue, 
similar to lupus or arthritis.
Her body is simply attacking her eyes.
Steroids reduce the inflammation and help her regain some vision,
but she can't stay on steroids indefinitely.

She is acting worse this time:
very lethargic, eating and drinking very little.
The high doses of medicine are upsetting her stomach,
and she's throwing up frequently.
We took her to the local vet,
where they gave her some anti-nausea meds.

We are trying a new medicine to help the inflammation;
it's tough because she can't stay on anything long-term - 
it will send her in to liver failure.

We've put her on a bland diet,
and if love could heal her, she would be better instantly.

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