Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break 2016: Camping!

Before we had kids, Dan & I loved to camp!
We had mountain bikes and a tent,
and enjoyed being out in nature together for a night or two
when our schedule allowed.

After we had children, Dan was in school full time and working full time,
so camping was not an option.
Since we've moved back, we've talked about it,
but really needed to replace our gear.

We got a great deal on a Black Friday tent,
and Dan found some clearanced camping gear,
so we decided to make it happen over Spring Break!

Oh MY, all the stuff.

Camping is SO much work, but Dan did almost all of it,
down to planning and shopping for our meals!

We wanted somewhere pretty close to home for this first trip,
so we camped at Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve,
on Poarch Creek Indian reservation land.

So beautiful and peaceful!

One of the things that was important to us was for the kids to be involved in the work part of camping, as well as the fun.  They did great!

 Happy 35th Birthday to us!
What a rich life we have together!

We had a great spot on top of a small hill,
overlooking the water,
with a great view of the sunset.
Plenty of shade, with some dappled sunlight.

We all had a great time playing Bocci ball!

We spent so much time just relaxing: throwing rocks, reading books, and relaxing.

Tucker worked so hard on making a little boat to float across the lake.

 It took him several tries,
with varied modifications,
to get it to float.

 He could barely contain himself when it set sail!

He immediately said:
I can't wait to tell Mr. Walker and Mr. Walker!
I did an experiment!
A dad and grandad of a boy in Tucker's class come in 
and do science each week with them, and he loves it.

Pepper was so great during the whole trip.
She sniffed so much we are surprised her nose didn't blister!

Lana posted the technology rules outside the tent:

We all declared that food just tastes better around a campfire!

The weather was absolutely lovely during the day,
all the way down to the gorgeous sunsets.

 Lana couldn't wait to curl up in the tent with a flashlight, 
her Bible, her book, and her journal.
She reminds me so much of myself at her age!

Fun times for Team Davis!

Could anything be better than waking up to this?!
I think not.

We had lots of time for chopping things with an axe and learning to carve wood.

 Lana spent so much time around the fire whittling with the pocket knife her Daddy gave her.

 First project: birthday gifts for Mom & Dad!

 Loving the camp life:

Master chef, cooking up some delicious campfire breakfast.
Conecuh sausage and scrambled eggs, of course.

So proud of her "dagger."

It's not a usual thing for us to have hours and hours of unstructured time.
We loved it!

Our campsite was in walking distance of a cold, cold creek:

After a hot shower to get all the sand off,
I couldn't resist the cool breeze blowing through the tent.

Neither could these little darlings! 

The second evening turned out to be just as lovely as the first,
including a delicious steak dinner in honor of our birthday:

No evening is complete without Eno snuggles, 
a beautiful sunset, and roasted marshmallows.

 Dan and Lana and I perfected the art of slow roasting a marshmallow over coals, not the flames.  Turns out perfectly every time.
Tucker, on the other hand, prefers his flaming and burnt!

This little guy followed his daddy around while they brushed their teeth.
He took great pleasure in spitting in to the bushes, just like daddy.

It was altogether a lovely get-a-way,
cut just a little short by incoming rain and tornado watches.

We will be camping again soon!

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