Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Round here

Here are some of the latest pictures out of kindergarten:

Learning ordinal numbers by walking in a Number Parade

These next few pictures melt my heart.
The entire school had a surprise birthday party for the janitor.
They sent him on a scavenger hunt throughout the whole school,
with each grade (K-12th) giving him a clue,
until he arrived in the gym where everyone was waiting 
to sing and celebrate him!

 On Super Tuesday, 
Tucker's class read Duck for President and Grace for President,
and held their own primaries.
Tucker was thrilled when his candidate won!

(Clearly, my son is one of the oldest in the class.)

Tree-climbing at recess

A few weekends ago, I made a trip to Dothan to help teach a speed oiling event.
This beautiful sidekick decided to come along with me!

 I've been staying busy with my oil business;
it's turned in to more than a part time job,
and I enjoy it so much!
My friends Katie and Libby and I did a Make and Take event at Katie's house,
and had a great time!

morning snuggles are SUCH a thing at our house:

Here, observe Katie in her natural habitat.
Coffee smoothie + black coffee

Time on the swings with Tucker
while Lana is doing piano is so precious

Here's what your house looks like the week before Mom2Mom:

but here's everything you clean out so it's totally worth it:

 speaking of Mom2Mom,
I was trying to clean out just a FEW books, 
and I could not even deal.
I got to these board books and cried my eyes out 
at the thought of getting rid of them.
I remember reading these books thousands of times - 
I can still recite them.
I can see their chubby little hands turning the pages,
and hear their baby voices finishing the sentences,
and there is no way I can give these little books up.
You can even see their tooth marks on some.
So they did not get tagged.
They went back in to storage for a decade or two.

Look at this precious baby!
Can you see how beautiful those big brown eyes are?!
We think that at least some of her vision has been restored.
The veterinary ophthalmologist says the inflammation is much better.
We are beginning to titrate her off of the medicine, 
and that will tell if she's really better or not.
Watch this video - even if she can't see perfectly,
she can absolutely see something!

 Date night with my favorite to see "London Has Fallen."
It was awesome!  No chick flicks for this girl.

 She can't stand it when I won't let her in the bathroom with me.

Dan's brother owns Knockerball Mobile,
and Lana got to get in the ball this weekend for the first time with her cousins.
She loved it!

I LOVE Daylight Savings Time; 
we celebrated this good time change with sno-balls -
the first of the summer!

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