Saturday, March 19, 2016

Opening Day: Hillcrest Wahoos 2016

 Today was opening day for our tball team!

I love this darling little t-ball player,
and that coach is SMOKIN' HOT!  :)

Always #88, for his Daddy and Uncle Allan.

Dan is absolutely fantastic with these kids!
I love watching him coach.
He is such an encourager, celebrates every thing,
and he just loves being out on the field.


I catch him looking at me so often when he's on the field;
this boy has my heart.
I had to quit yelling from the stands because 
I realized he was listening to me and not his coaches!

opening prayer

Play ball!

He loves to show off for me while he's waiting to bat:

His first hit was a rip!  All the way out to center field.

Listen, I have always loved a boy in baseball pants,
but this little guy outshines them ALL.

So serious!

post-game snack - it's really what it's all about!

It was fun to run into our friends from Heritage.
This is Tucker and his buddy Noah:

same number!

We are looking forward to a great season!
Dan and his buddy Justin are coaching,
they have several other dads who are super helpful,
and everyone is having lots of fun!

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