Sunday, March 13, 2016


There are some people who are absolutely wonderful in their own right,
who just draw you to them with their light.

and then, when two of those kind of people somehow manage,
by the utter grace of God,
to stumble their way into each other's paths and hearts and lives,
it is literally breathtaking to behold them.

This kind of love is what I want for my children.
And I don't mean just this kind of love for a spouse,
although that truly is beautiful.

I mean this kind of love for Jesus,
that fills their heart to the point where it overflows 
and splashes on to others around them,
so that you know without a shadow of a doubt
that this marriage will make much of our great God.

I count myself richly blessed to know these two and their families,
and to get to be a small part of the rest of their lives.
I look forward to years of praying with and for them,
and holding their babies,
and feeding them dinner,
and doing life together.
Because God's up to something huge with these two,
and I'm not going to miss a minute.

The wedding was so worshipful,
and the reception was a party like no other!
This girl NEVER dances,
but I couldn't even help myself - I kicked off my shoes 
and hit the dance floor with my people.
So did my precious, introverted Lana!
It was THAT much fun!

Team Davis had an absolute blast!

Getting hang time with these 2 made the night just that much better!
Colter and Katie have stolen our hearts,
and are life-time members of Team Davis.

She has the most beautiful redemption story,
and it's my great privilege to get to know and love her.
Our Tuesday night family dinners and Wednesday morning coffees
are a treasure to me. 

The mother of the bride.
I ADORE this picture of us.
Have you ever met someone whom you immediately loved?
The kind of person you just connect with on the heart level, right away.
There was never a moment of chit chat with this one and I;
we were heart friends from the start.
She is a beautiful woman and mother and friend,
and Jesus just oozes out of her.
You can see all the best parts of her shining through her daughter, too.
They are so, so special.


We stumbled out of that reception (that was still going strong)
at 10 p.m., with sore feet from dancing
and full bellies from all the delicious food
and aching faces from smiling so much
and full hearts from all the love in that room.

We love you, Ethan and Miranda Barker,
and we are here cheering you on the whole way!

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