Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Update on Pepper's eyes

Update on the littlest member of Team Davis:

When you aren't just a dog, 
but rather a beloved family member,
and your eyes go bad,
your mom gives you (rather expensive) Ningxia Red to drink
because it contains more antioxidants than any whole food.
She also rubs frankincense around your eye sockets
because pure, therapeutic grade frankincense oil does really amazing things
(just google it),
and those wise man brought it to baby Jesus
so we know it's good stuff.

 And when you have the best friends ever,
they send you SO MUCH LOVE on Facebook and Instagram.  
Literally hundreds of posts  and comments and texts
with words of encouragement and support and prayers.

and care packages show up on your doorstep
for your beloved, blind puppy
from seminary friends

and a friend from college
send dinner to your doorstep 
because she knows you are tired and have your hands full,
as well as a shipment of adaptive devices for the pup,

and a friend from your home church in Fairhope
takes the time to put you in touch with someone in Washington State
who has a blind beagle,
and this stranger offers you such words of comfort 
about how well beagles adapt to blindness,
that you feel like you can breathe just a bit

and a friend from high school talks to her veterinarian friends
and asks them all of your questions for hours and hours
and refers you to a veterinary ophthalmologist 
(which you didn't even know existed in this world).

And then you call and make an appointment with this speciality doctor
in Ocean Springs, MS
and you and your husband rearrange every plan you had
because they had a cancellation and can see you the very next day
instead of 6 weeks from now

and you stop at Starbucks for some caffeine to help you stay awake,
paid for by a friend from high school
who sent you a gift card at just the right moment

and the barista gives your precious baby
a Puppicino
and it's just the cutest thing you've ever seen

and that blind beagle baby
is the best little roadtripper you ever did see,
so happy to ride in the car she's never allowed in
on the blanket that smells like Lana
(who is her absolute favorite person)

and then you arrive at the office
and meet the most wonderful people:
when all that happens in the matter of a few days,
you know that Jesus loves you and loves your dog, too. 

Here's the truth:
I would have loved these people even if the report had been bad.
They were absolutely fantastic,
from the kindest receptionist
to this team of 2 who had the best bedside manner of any doctor I've known.
Listen to me:
If your animal ever has any eye trouble, this is where you want to go. 
This is who you want to see:
Dr. Galle and his assistant Daphne 
They are absolutely fantastic.
Dr. Galle has taught at the university level, 
and yet is the most down to earth, compassionate man you will meet. 

Daphne is my new BFF. 
I hugged her today, even though we had just met.  I couldn't help it.
She had the sweetest, most calming presence,
and never stopped smiling.
You know how sometimes you'll meet a person 
who is doing what they were literally created to do?  And they love it?
That's her. 
Even if they hadn't given us hope, we would have loved them.

They did have good news for us, though. 
He diagnosed Pepper with Uveitis. 
In about 50% of cases, the cause is never determined. 
In about 75% of the cases with no underlying issues 
(tumors, fungal infections, nothing that Pepper has), 
vision returns, slowly but surely. 

Pepper's eyes are still remarkably inflamed; 
she will continue on meds for 2-4 more weeks.
We will go back and see him next week to determine progress. 
Whether or not our dog ever gets her vision back, 
our experience with them was absolutely wonderful today. 

Additionally: they couldn't say enough about what a fantastic, thorough job 
Dr. Corrigan at Chemstrand Oaks did. 
He said it was exactly what he would have done, 
and rare for a vet to have been so thorough and careful.   
They both sang her praises!
So if you're looking for a vet, we highly recommend her!

We have happy, thankful hearts as we travel back to Pensacola today.

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