Saturday, February 27, 2016

Round here

Lana's class is studying the digestive system,
and last week they calculated the length of their small intestines,
and measured them out with yarn.
These 4 have the longest guts in 4th grade!

The dinner plate didn't quite make it on the counter.
These travertine floors shatter everything - even Corelle!

Does anyone else have weird conversations like this with your husband?
I think it's funnier than Dan does.

I got to have a girls night with my dear friends Laura & Emme,
and we SO enjoyed sushi at Nom in downtown Pensacola.
We're going back with our husbands next week.
It's the freshest sushi we've found here,
and maybe anywhere!
They also make their own ramen noodles in house.

Tucker has adjusted beautifully to his new class,
and we're so proud of his great behavior.
Green is good conduct, purple is the next step up,
then blue, then pink is the highest.
He was super proud of his blue last week,
and asked me to take a picture.

His teacher posted this precious comment on my Facebook wall:
I LOVE that this teacher is affirming and celebrating this.

Katie and Colter are two of the young adults we mentor,
and we LOVE how they just fit themselves in to our family life.

Katie says Pepper isn't cute.
It's a good thing I still let her come over.

Lana has asked her to wake her up 15 minutes early each morning
so she can read her Bible.
She comes in to our room where we are getting ready for the day,
and curls up in our corner chair.
She often has company:

And then when the brother wakes,
the chair gets really full:
I love mornings. 

Dan & I were driving down Scenic Highway a couple of weeks ago,
and Dan spotted someone running as fast as they could down the sidewalk.
He actually said, "Man, that guy looks like he just robbed a bank."
Turned out, he had just robbed a CVS.  
Dan stopped to talk to the police and give a description.

Last weekend we had date afternoon with the kids.
Tucker & I went to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda 3:

 and Lana and Dan went to a Daddy/Daughter movie at church

 Check out this awesome tent that Lana built!
She & Tucker did it by themselves,
and spent so much time in it all week long.

Lana played the part of Balaam during chapel this week:

Dan sent me on a 24 hour retreat at the  Lee House in downtown Pensacola,
including an hour long massage at MOOD.
What a wonderful gift!
I absolutely love my life, but am an introvert at heart,
and so sometimes I just end up very empty.

24 hours of complete solitude and near silence
was just what my soul needed!

I just sat and thought for long periods of time.
I dozed.
I drank hot tea.
I read good books, and my Bible.
I looked at the water.
I picked up my favorite sushi from Nom
and ate it alone in my room.
I didn't turn on the TV one time.
I soaked up the sunshine,
curled in my favorite blanket on the porch
And then I couldn't wait to get home 
to my noisy, extroverted, wonderfully needy people!

(Side note: this is one of the best parenting books I've read in a long, long time.)

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