Friday, February 5, 2016

Round here

Slow, easy days are a rare treat for us these days.
As the kids get older, our days become more full,
with so many good things.
It makes us treasure mornings like this even more:

A few weeks ago I got to meet with some of my local business people
for coffee and business work - what a treat!

Since she has been able to walk,
this girl has been a climber!

I had Lana take the 5 Love Languages test.
I was not surprised a bit by her results:
words of affirmation and quality time are definitely her love languages!

I thought it was interesting to compare hers to mine.
Words of affirmation are very important to both of us;
but we are opposites when it comes to quality time and acts of service!

So many times when I am DOING things for her, to serve her,
I am trying to show her love, but that's not how she receives it.
She would rather me quit doing the things,
and just spend time with her.
She & her daddy are very similar in that way.
This was a good reminder for me,
to love them the way they receive love,
not the way I do.

Look at Tucker
riding his bike without training wheels!

Oh, this was a sad moment for me last week.
We had to buy her adult hangers for her clothes;
they keep coming off the kid ones!

Sometimes you have cupcakes for breakfast,
especially when big sister makes an A on her huge states & capitals test!

waiting in the car for sister at piano lessons can get crazy:

Lana joined the Girls Chorus at school,

my snuggle bug:

she also helps me with laundry:

and loves on the kiddos:

Dan and I had lunch at Nom on our date day last week,
and enjoyed the freshest sushi we've had in Pensacola!
It was delicious.
We also thought their Ramen was spectacular.
They noodles are handmade, fresh in house every day.

Never been seen in Team Davis:
Tucker wearing a band-aid!!
He got a scrape on his knee at school,
and Mrs. Kathi managed to talk him in to this bandage!

Speaking of Tucker injuries,
he was bouncing in the trampoline with a Nerf gun,
and poked a hole in his head.

I could not get it to stop bleeding,
until I remembered to use my oils.
A drop of Helichrysum, and the bleeding stopped.
I seriously don't know how I was a mom before oils.

Oh, look at my bit of happiness.
I've finally taken the time to create myself a little workspace.
My friend Liz blessed me with a desk that's perfect for my needs,
and I covered it with things that make me happy:
black and white pictures of m littles,
my favorite pens and mechanical pencils,
fresh flowers from Miranda,
my BSF name tag,
oily information,
and my favorite scent in the diffuser (bergamot + ylang ylang + rosemary).
So much grace in my life!

I love having this space to pay bills, 
keep our family scheduled,
plan meals,
do my oil work, etc.

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