Saturday, January 23, 2016

Round here

Studying the book of Revelation this year in BSF is absolutely phenomenal!
I look forward so much to our discussion time and the lecture each week.
For the first time, this book of the Bible is not scary or intimidating to me,
but full of promise and hope,
as I think the Lord intended it to be.  I am loving it!

This little blossom brings me so much joy!
When I first started teaching at the Fairhope K-1 Center,
I was outside the building in a "cottage."
One of my students' parents, Cindy Sealy,
planted this beautiful camellia right outside our front door.
Our family eventually moved away, 
and later the system closed that precious little school down.
They were bulldozing the property, a friend texted me about it,
and we got there just in time to dig up my beloved camellia 
and bring it to my house.
I wasn't sure if it was going to survive the move - but look!

It's sub-30 degrees as I type this, 
but look at this picture of our beautiful 70 degree weather last week.
Sunshine, enos in the palm trees, and a stack of books.

Last week, I had a bad day.  Blew it as a mom, wife, and basically, a person.
And instead of being mad at me,
Dan shows up at school the next day with flowers in his hand,
and sat with me as I cried all the way through my planning time.
He is nothing short of God's grace to me.

The kids were waiting for me to get ready to go somewhere,
and this is how I came out and found them.  I love that we have raised readers!

Merry Christmas to us!  
Our parents gave us cash for Christmas, 
so combined with some $$ we have been saving for this,
we were able to say goodbye to our old mattress and hello to a new!
Here's a side-by-side comparison.  What a difference!
That old blue mattress was at least 15 years old, maybe older.
We got a Sleep Boss memory foam, and are loving it.
We barely move when we sleep now.

I finally made the transition from dryer sheets to wool dryer balls!
I've read enough about all the chemicals in dryer sheets, and how bad they are for us.
A friend gave me a set of wool dryer balls, 
and I got another set in my stocking for Christmas.
I wasn't sure if I would love them,
because I love for my laundry to smell really good.....
MAN was I wrong!
I am over the moon for these dryer balls with Gentle Baby.
Smells just like a little tiny one, without the crying and night wakings and poop.
And the yummy smells stays on our clothes for so long!

Lana made us laugh so hard as she told us about her muscles!
Of course Tucker had to get in on it, too.  :)

My kids are still playing with the boxes from their Christmas gifts!
They have built forts with them and used them "houses" and "towns"
and now they are painting them.

I think our dog might be part cat.
She loves laying in the sun.

Picking these darlings up is the highlight of every day!
They are adjusting well to their new school,
and it is a blessing to us in many ways,
like the songs Tucker is singing these days.
Still, there is nothing better than having them back with me again each day.

Tucker's plane says "I love Mom."

My friend Mary & I teach our sons' kindergarten Sunday School class each week.
Last week, I was cleaning up from snack, 
and as I scanned the room to make sure all was well,
I spied my little Tucker on the carpet in the back, in the midst of all kind of chaos:

....and again as we wanted for Lana at piano lessons.
He is a real reader, and honestly, there's not much he can't read these days!
He reads with expression, and comprehension.  I'm so proud!

Lana is mid-swim season, and doing very well.
She cut 7 seconds off her 100 IM PR at the last meet.
She's swimming more long distance events,
and her coach thinks that will be her sweet spot.

Today we are having a lazy Saturday. 
I'm recovering from a head cold,
Dan went hunting early this morning,
and the kids are entertaining themselves: click here.

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