Friday, January 8, 2016

Round here

School started today.
We have truly enjoyed the days of Christmas break,
with little schedule, and few plans.
We've mostly been at home, 
and have really, really loved that.

We've woken late and eaten mostly brunch instead of breakfast
and had naughty amounts of screen time
and played games that made us fight
and cleaned out and reorganized
and vegged on the couch
and read books and books and books.

I'm so glad they are my people.

They loved their Christmas gifts from Uncle Allan and Aunt Ranae!

Tucker's one request was to make gingerbread men:

We treated them to a special dinner at the Melting Pot.
It was their first time to have fondue, but it won't be their last!
They both say they want to have their birthday dinner here.  :) 
 I just took pictures of the chocolate, 
but they loved every course!

Sweet treats delivered to our door by church members and friends - 
no wonder my pants don't fit anymore!
So irresistible!

Pepper enjoyed the slow pace, as well.

My wrapping skills have not improved this year.
I guess I can't be good at everything.

 The trampoline was the gift of the year!
We had so many rain over the break -
what could they do but just jump and get wet?!

My mom gave the kiddos Enos and straps so that they can Eno with their daddy!
We were so thrilled to have a few hours without rain so Dan could put them in our palm tree.

We went bowling together one afternoon.
Not one of us broke 100, but we had a great time together!

I remember carrying her in to story time as a little girl;
she was small enough to throw on my hip back then.
She's loved books and the library for as long as I can remember.

How can she even be big enough and brave enough to check out her own books now??

While Dan was in Atlanta with his college students,
I took my cuties to see the new Chipmunks movie.
It was so cute and I absolutely cried at the end.

Dan sent me this picture on their trip to Alanta:
it's my precious Miranda, giving cheek swipes of Thieves to everyone!!
I love that she's an oiler now!
Honestly, she is going to be such a great mama because of it.
I didn't know about oils when my children were small,
but she will be an expert by the time she has babies,
and she will be able to help her little ones in ways that I never could.

It's finally gotten a little bit cool - 
so there must be hot chocolate before bed!

I came to get Tucker out of bed one morning this week,
and found him reading The BFG by Roald Dahl.
I thought at first he must just be "pretending,"
but then he read a page aloud to me.
Have mercy!

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