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How do essential oils work?

849 days.
That's how long we've been using and loving our essential oils.
Every single day, we use them in some way.

To boost our immune system.
To help us sleep.
To brush our teeth.
To soothe anxiety.
To focus during homework.
To ease muscle soreness, bruises.
To stop allergy attacks.
To stop itchy skin, or nightmares, or burns.
To clear our bodies of toxins.
To clean our fruits and vegetables.
and so much more.

As I've used Young Living's essential oils on my family, I've made it my business to learn about them.  What they do, how they work, how to use them.  And as I've learned, I've shared, and somehow, the Lord has blessed me with a small business, and I love it, because I'm an educator at heart.  I would share these oils even if Young Living never paid me a dime.  (I'm glad they do.)

One of my favorite things that I've learned about over the past few years is the science behind essential oils.  I knew almost immediately that they worked, but the how behind it?

Now that I know, I want to share the science behind it with you.
(As you read, please remember that I am only talking about pure, therapeutic-grade, Young Living essential oils.)

Essential oils are highly complex little molecular structures.
One drop of essential oil contains 40 million trillion molecules.
That's the number 4 with 19 zeroes behind it.


THIS concentration and complexity is why they work so well.

On average, we have 100 trillion cells in our body.
Because essential oils are so complex molecularly, 
they can reach every cell in our body, usually within 20 minutes of application.

Then, the molecules of essential oils can unlock the DNA, clean the cells, and restore optimal health to the actual structure of the DNA inside the cells.

I told 
It blows my mind.

Let me take it a bit farther:
because the molecules in a drop of essential oil are so very small,
they can cross the 
blood-brain barrier.

Everyone has this blood-brain barrier.
It's a very intelligent barrier that separates our circulating blood from the cerebral spinal fluid in the central nervous system.
This barrier is discerning, in that it picks and chooses what gets across it.  
Potential neurotoxins: they're rejected.
The barrier does let water, some gases, and lipid-soluble molecules across the barrier.  
Essential oils are lipid-soluble.
Every single species of essential oils can cross the blood-brain barrier.

THIS is why they work.
Because they can cross that blood brain barrier,
they can work on the molecular level of every body system.
Digestion, liver function, bones and jones, ligaments, muscular system....
on and on.  
Essentially, they can work on those systems specifically because
they cross that blood-brain barrier, and travel through the blood to each system.

This even works when you simply INHALE the oils.

The fact that these essential oils are traveling through your blood stream to heal your body at the molecular level is also why I emphasize to use oils often.  Daily.  You want them in your system, doing their work, all the time.  

But you don't have to overload!  They are very powerful.

Knowing this will help you stretch your oils and make them last longer.
It's WHY you buy therapeutic grade Young Living oils, 
as opposed to less inexpensive, inferior ones.

Low and slow.

If you overload your system with too many drops of essential oils,
the receptor sites will freeze.
And then they're not doing any good.
It's why, if you buy oils from me,
I tell you to start "low and slow."  
Let your body adjust to this new communication and health.

They really are smart.
Not me...not Young Living...the oils.
And it's because they come from plants, living organisms.
No two bottles of essential oils will ever be the same,
so our bodies don't develop a "resistance" to them, 
the way we can to antibiotics.

There are 3 basic compounds in a drop of essential oil:
Phenols, Monoterpenes, and Sesquiterpenes.

Phenols are the cleaners.  The heavy lifters.
They create environments and conditions where unfriendly viruses and bacteria simply cannot live, because they are too clean!  
Here's how it works: 
When our cell receptor sites get dirty, they can't communicate.
They malfunction.
Then we get sick.
Phenols search out those dirty receptor sites and clean them,
enabling our body to communicate clearly with itself.
And we stay healthy!

These are the essential oils that have the highest phenol content.
Clove is the very highest, and is one of the main ingredients in the Thieves blend!

Clove 90%
Cassia 80%
Basil 75%
Cinnamon 73%
Oregano 60%
Anise 50%
Peppermint 50%

Monoterpenes are geniuses.
They literally rewrite miswritten information in cellular memory.
They CORRECT what's wrong.
Improper coding in our DNA 
(caused by stress, toxins, etc.)
is the primary cause of cellular dysfunction and illness.
Most essentil oils have monoterpenes; here are some common ones:

Angelica 73%
Hyssop 70%
Peppermint 45%
Juniper 42%
Frankincense 40%
Spruce 38%
Pine 30%
Cypress 28%
Myrtle 25%

Sesquiterpenes are also able to rewrite dysfunctional DNA code,
and they also work like hemoglobin does in the blood,
in that they bring oxygen to the cells.
Oxygen is good, good, good.

This increased level of oxygen has remarkable results in our body.
Pain is addressed, the immune system is boosted, emotions and hormones are brought back in to balance, endorphins are released, and antibodies are increased.
Just inhaling oils high in sesquiterpenes increases activity in the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands.
These are the oils that have a high level of sesquiterpenes:

Cedarwood 98%
Vetiver 97%
Spikenard 93%
Black Pepper 74%
Patchouli 71%
Myrhh 62%
Ginger 59%

It's a miracle!
That's how I felt, for the first 6 months.
We used them every day, and could see such remarkable changes,
and it did feel like a miracle.
Maybe in a way, it is.
A miracle that God would create plants for our good, 
in this incredibly intelligent and beautiful way.
I'm so glad for them.

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