Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday golf

I care little to nothing about golf.

I do, however, adore Dan Davis
and the outdoors
and having my little family all together
on a beautiful Saturday,
with nothing do except be together.

And that makes me love golf.

Tucker likes to run on ahead while we are waiting for Dan,
and throw things in to the pond.

He's got quite the little arm on him.

Unlike me, this guy LOVES golf.
I suspect, however, that it has everything to do with adoring his Daddy,
quite a lot like me.

 My people make my heart so full it feels like it will explode.

This Lana girl is going to be the best mama one day.
She had packed a little cross body bag full of things
to keep her brother entertained:
snacks, a pad and pen, little toys, and more.
All on her own!

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