Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday golf

I care little to nothing about golf.

I do, however, adore Dan Davis
and the outdoors
and having my little family all together
on a beautiful Saturday,
with nothing do except be together.

And that makes me love golf.

Tucker likes to run on ahead while we are waiting for Dan,
and throw things in to the pond.

He's got quite the little arm on him.

Unlike me, this guy LOVES golf.
I suspect, however, that it has everything to do with adoring his Daddy,
quite a lot like me.

 My people make my heart so full it feels like it will explode.

This Lana girl is going to be the best mama one day.
She had packed a little cross body bag full of things
to keep her brother entertained:
snacks, a pad and pen, little toys, and more.
All on her own!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How do essential oils work?

849 days.
That's how long we've been using and loving our essential oils.
Every single day, we use them in some way.

To boost our immune system.
To help us sleep.
To brush our teeth.
To soothe anxiety.
To focus during homework.
To ease muscle soreness, bruises.
To stop allergy attacks.
To stop itchy skin, or nightmares, or burns.
To clear our bodies of toxins.
To clean our fruits and vegetables.
and so much more.

As I've used Young Living's essential oils on my family, I've made it my business to learn about them.  What they do, how they work, how to use them.  And as I've learned, I've shared, and somehow, the Lord has blessed me with a small business, and I love it, because I'm an educator at heart.  I would share these oils even if Young Living never paid me a dime.  (I'm glad they do.)

One of my favorite things that I've learned about over the past few years is the science behind essential oils.  I knew almost immediately that they worked, but the how behind it?

Now that I know, I want to share the science behind it with you.
(As you read, please remember that I am only talking about pure, therapeutic-grade, Young Living essential oils.)

Essential oils are highly complex little molecular structures.
One drop of essential oil contains 40 million trillion molecules.
That's the number 4 with 19 zeroes behind it.


THIS concentration and complexity is why they work so well.

On average, we have 100 trillion cells in our body.
Because essential oils are so complex molecularly, 
they can reach every cell in our body, usually within 20 minutes of application.

Then, the molecules of essential oils can unlock the DNA, clean the cells, and restore optimal health to the actual structure of the DNA inside the cells.

I told 
It blows my mind.

Let me take it a bit farther:
because the molecules in a drop of essential oil are so very small,
they can cross the 
blood-brain barrier.

Everyone has this blood-brain barrier.
It's a very intelligent barrier that separates our circulating blood from the cerebral spinal fluid in the central nervous system.
This barrier is discerning, in that it picks and chooses what gets across it.  
Potential neurotoxins: they're rejected.
The barrier does let water, some gases, and lipid-soluble molecules across the barrier.  
Essential oils are lipid-soluble.
Every single species of essential oils can cross the blood-brain barrier.

THIS is why they work.
Because they can cross that blood brain barrier,
they can work on the molecular level of every body system.
Digestion, liver function, bones and jones, ligaments, muscular system....
on and on.  
Essentially, they can work on those systems specifically because
they cross that blood-brain barrier, and travel through the blood to each system.

This even works when you simply INHALE the oils.

The fact that these essential oils are traveling through your blood stream to heal your body at the molecular level is also why I emphasize to use oils often.  Daily.  You want them in your system, doing their work, all the time.  

But you don't have to overload!  They are very powerful.

Knowing this will help you stretch your oils and make them last longer.
It's WHY you buy therapeutic grade Young Living oils, 
as opposed to less inexpensive, inferior ones.

Low and slow.

If you overload your system with too many drops of essential oils,
the receptor sites will freeze.
And then they're not doing any good.
It's why, if you buy oils from me,
I tell you to start "low and slow."  
Let your body adjust to this new communication and health.

They really are smart.
Not me...not Young Living...the oils.
And it's because they come from plants, living organisms.
No two bottles of essential oils will ever be the same,
so our bodies don't develop a "resistance" to them, 
the way we can to antibiotics.

There are 3 basic compounds in a drop of essential oil:
Phenols, Monoterpenes, and Sesquiterpenes.

Phenols are the cleaners.  The heavy lifters.
They create environments and conditions where unfriendly viruses and bacteria simply cannot live, because they are too clean!  
Here's how it works: 
When our cell receptor sites get dirty, they can't communicate.
They malfunction.
Then we get sick.
Phenols search out those dirty receptor sites and clean them,
enabling our body to communicate clearly with itself.
And we stay healthy!

These are the essential oils that have the highest phenol content.
Clove is the very highest, and is one of the main ingredients in the Thieves blend!

Clove 90%
Cassia 80%
Basil 75%
Cinnamon 73%
Oregano 60%
Anise 50%
Peppermint 50%

Monoterpenes are geniuses.
They literally rewrite miswritten information in cellular memory.
They CORRECT what's wrong.
Improper coding in our DNA 
(caused by stress, toxins, etc.)
is the primary cause of cellular dysfunction and illness.
Most essentil oils have monoterpenes; here are some common ones:

Angelica 73%
Hyssop 70%
Peppermint 45%
Juniper 42%
Frankincense 40%
Spruce 38%
Pine 30%
Cypress 28%
Myrtle 25%

Sesquiterpenes are also able to rewrite dysfunctional DNA code,
and they also work like hemoglobin does in the blood,
in that they bring oxygen to the cells.
Oxygen is good, good, good.

This increased level of oxygen has remarkable results in our body.
Pain is addressed, the immune system is boosted, emotions and hormones are brought back in to balance, endorphins are released, and antibodies are increased.
Just inhaling oils high in sesquiterpenes increases activity in the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands.
These are the oils that have a high level of sesquiterpenes:

Cedarwood 98%
Vetiver 97%
Spikenard 93%
Black Pepper 74%
Patchouli 71%
Myrhh 62%
Ginger 59%

It's a miracle!
That's how I felt, for the first 6 months.
We used them every day, and could see such remarkable changes,
and it did feel like a miracle.
Maybe in a way, it is.
A miracle that God would create plants for our good, 
in this incredibly intelligent and beautiful way.
I'm so glad for them.

Essential Oils Pocket Reference 5th Edition Life Science Publishing
Essential Oils Desk Reference 5th Edition Life Science Publishing
Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart, PhD
Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart, PhD

Monday, January 25, 2016

A peek inside Tucker's classroom:

Tucker is thriving in his new kindergarten class!  Here's a little peek from his teacher inside his classroom.

Last week, they read and learned about Jan Brett's book The Mitten.
They loved re-enacting the story!  Tucker was a bear.

Spirit Day - everyone wore red to show their ACA spirit!


Senior Buddies

Each kindergarten has a buddy who is a senior.  I love this!

Science experiments with a real scientist!

Their very first chapel!

 Snow day!
After reading books about snow, they got to make some of their own!

And what's snow without a snowball fight??

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Round here

Studying the book of Revelation this year in BSF is absolutely phenomenal!
I look forward so much to our discussion time and the lecture each week.
For the first time, this book of the Bible is not scary or intimidating to me,
but full of promise and hope,
as I think the Lord intended it to be.  I am loving it!

This little blossom brings me so much joy!
When I first started teaching at the Fairhope K-1 Center,
I was outside the building in a "cottage."
One of my students' parents, Cindy Sealy,
planted this beautiful camellia right outside our front door.
Our family eventually moved away, 
and later the system closed that precious little school down.
They were bulldozing the property, a friend texted me about it,
and we got there just in time to dig up my beloved camellia 
and bring it to my house.
I wasn't sure if it was going to survive the move - but look!

It's sub-30 degrees as I type this, 
but look at this picture of our beautiful 70 degree weather last week.
Sunshine, enos in the palm trees, and a stack of books.

Last week, I had a bad day.  Blew it as a mom, wife, and basically, a person.
And instead of being mad at me,
Dan shows up at school the next day with flowers in his hand,
and sat with me as I cried all the way through my planning time.
He is nothing short of God's grace to me.

The kids were waiting for me to get ready to go somewhere,
and this is how I came out and found them.  I love that we have raised readers!

Merry Christmas to us!  
Our parents gave us cash for Christmas, 
so combined with some $$ we have been saving for this,
we were able to say goodbye to our old mattress and hello to a new!
Here's a side-by-side comparison.  What a difference!
That old blue mattress was at least 15 years old, maybe older.
We got a Sleep Boss memory foam, and are loving it.
We barely move when we sleep now.

I finally made the transition from dryer sheets to wool dryer balls!
I've read enough about all the chemicals in dryer sheets, and how bad they are for us.
A friend gave me a set of wool dryer balls, 
and I got another set in my stocking for Christmas.
I wasn't sure if I would love them,
because I love for my laundry to smell really good.....
MAN was I wrong!
I am over the moon for these dryer balls with Gentle Baby.
Smells just like a little tiny one, without the crying and night wakings and poop.
And the yummy smells stays on our clothes for so long!

Lana made us laugh so hard as she told us about her muscles!
Of course Tucker had to get in on it, too.  :)

My kids are still playing with the boxes from their Christmas gifts!
They have built forts with them and used them "houses" and "towns"
and now they are painting them.

I think our dog might be part cat.
She loves laying in the sun.

Picking these darlings up is the highlight of every day!
They are adjusting well to their new school,
and it is a blessing to us in many ways,
like the songs Tucker is singing these days.
Still, there is nothing better than having them back with me again each day.

Tucker's plane says "I love Mom."

My friend Mary & I teach our sons' kindergarten Sunday School class each week.
Last week, I was cleaning up from snack, 
and as I scanned the room to make sure all was well,
I spied my little Tucker on the carpet in the back, in the midst of all kind of chaos:

....and again as we wanted for Lana at piano lessons.
He is a real reader, and honestly, there's not much he can't read these days!
He reads with expression, and comprehension.  I'm so proud!

Lana is mid-swim season, and doing very well.
She cut 7 seconds off her 100 IM PR at the last meet.
She's swimming more long distance events,
and her coach thinks that will be her sweet spot.

Today we are having a lazy Saturday. 
I'm recovering from a head cold,
Dan went hunting early this morning,
and the kids are entertaining themselves: click here.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Mini Cheerleader

Lana's 2nd week at Aletheia, the cheerleaders held a "Mini-Cheerleader" camp for girls K-6,
and they learned a cheer at the camp that they got to perform at today's pep rally,
and tonight's Varsity basketball game halftime show.

Lana signed right up for that camp,
was so brave to go and try something she has never done before,
with people she had just met.
She amazes me, and does things that I would never do!

Here she is doing her stunt: click here

My friend Katie made this cute cute bow for her to wear.
I am LOVING that she is doing things that require bows!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Upward basketball

Tucker got to play Upward basketball this year, and had a fantastic time!  Our friend Justin coached his team, and was just perfect for Tucker.  He encouraged him, and pushed him, and Tucker improved so much.  We're so thankful for the investment he made in our boy!

T-ball starts in a few weeks, and Dan and Justin are going to coach a team together.
We can't wait!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Round here

School started today.
We have truly enjoyed the days of Christmas break,
with little schedule, and few plans.
We've mostly been at home, 
and have really, really loved that.

We've woken late and eaten mostly brunch instead of breakfast
and had naughty amounts of screen time
and played games that made us fight
and cleaned out and reorganized
and vegged on the couch
and read books and books and books.

I'm so glad they are my people.

They loved their Christmas gifts from Uncle Allan and Aunt Ranae!

Tucker's one request was to make gingerbread men:

We treated them to a special dinner at the Melting Pot.
It was their first time to have fondue, but it won't be their last!
They both say they want to have their birthday dinner here.  :) 
 I just took pictures of the chocolate, 
but they loved every course!

Sweet treats delivered to our door by church members and friends - 
no wonder my pants don't fit anymore!
So irresistible!

Pepper enjoyed the slow pace, as well.

My wrapping skills have not improved this year.
I guess I can't be good at everything.

 The trampoline was the gift of the year!
We had so many rain over the break -
what could they do but just jump and get wet?!

My mom gave the kiddos Enos and straps so that they can Eno with their daddy!
We were so thrilled to have a few hours without rain so Dan could put them in our palm tree.

We went bowling together one afternoon.
Not one of us broke 100, but we had a great time together!

I remember carrying her in to story time as a little girl;
she was small enough to throw on my hip back then.
She's loved books and the library for as long as I can remember.

How can she even be big enough and brave enough to check out her own books now??

While Dan was in Atlanta with his college students,
I took my cuties to see the new Chipmunks movie.
It was so cute and I absolutely cried at the end.

Dan sent me this picture on their trip to Alanta:
it's my precious Miranda, giving cheek swipes of Thieves to everyone!!
I love that she's an oiler now!
Honestly, she is going to be such a great mama because of it.
I didn't know about oils when my children were small,
but she will be an expert by the time she has babies,
and she will be able to help her little ones in ways that I never could.

It's finally gotten a little bit cool - 
so there must be hot chocolate before bed!

I came to get Tucker out of bed one morning this week,
and found him reading The BFG by Roald Dahl.
I thought at first he must just be "pretending,"
but then he read a page aloud to me.
Have mercy!