Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Round here

If you haven't yet figured it out, 
this is the princess of the house.
She is, quite literally, the best dog ever.
She's a snuggling expert,
doesn't chew things or use the restroom inside.
She's a bit naughty when it comes to people food,
and will whine if you are ignoring her.
But those ears.....

But if one had any doubt about how smitten her mama is with her,
this picture tells the tale.
Dan snapped it of us Sunday afternoon.
She's got me wrapped up.

And if anyone has me wrapped more than my puppy,
it must be my son.
He writes this on everything, all the time.
White boards, art projects, notes....even a paper airplane he made.

 Speaking of love notes,
look at these darling notes two of my students wrote for me:
This is why I teach!  Such little loves. 

But let's keep it real.
This same day, I also had 2 kids puking in class,
one of them very nearly in my face.
Thank goodness for Thieves to fight those germs.

My neighbor Mary & I teach our sons' kindergarten Sunday School class together,
and we are learning John 3:16 this month: click here

Our precious friend Elaine came to keep our littles,
just because she loves us,
and showed up with gingerbread houses for them to decorate!
It's always amazing to me when someone shows up to love on our children out of the goodness of their heart....but to bring crafts, too?!  That's taking it to a whole different level.
They were giddy.  She spoils us all.

 It has been a lovely December!

Last week, I was studying for a talk I was doing at our women's Christmas dinner,
so I took my materials out to the beach...
it's my favorite place to study the Word and be with Jesus.
Too bad the Red Tide made it too hard to breathe, let alone study!
I barely lasted 30 minutes before I had to leave...
my eyes were swollen and itchy, my nose was running, I couldn't stop coughing,
and my throat felt like it was swelling!

 I did eventually get to prepare to teach at that Christmas dinner,
and it was absolutely a joy to divide the Word with those precious women.
Lana was my guest of honor,
and here we are with my dear friend Katie.

Speaking of my friend Katie,
here are all our kiddos playing together after school.
They are so great together, and we love our time with them!
Lana & Jackson are on the same swim team,
so the little boys spend a lot of time hanging out together,
fighting over electronics and wrestling in the grass.
Sweet Emma Kate just takes it all in.

 Dan and I got one final breakfast date in before winter break while the kids were in school half a day.  We couldn't stay away from Another Broken Egg...
and we ordered our favorites.
He has the Lobster and Brie omelet,
and I have the cinnamon roll french toast,
and we split, so we both get savory and sweet.
We're a good team.

Tucker says this Spiderman is ready for winter now:
 I don't have any tape to write gifts,
but at least Spidey won't get cold.

This popped up in my Timehop this week.
Could there be a more perfect picture for Christmas?!
I think not.
She's still this angelic.

Thanks to my friend Leah for sharing this wonderful idea!
We've just started an Annie/Lottie jar.
We are always looking for ways to cultivate generous, missional living,
and the kids are loving this.  I am, too!  
The jar sits on the counter as a visible reminder for me to pray and give.

Our deacons and wives invited us to their Christmas dinner -
we had a wonderful time being with them!

And this note that our babysitter left for us just topped the night off:

 The littles of Team Davis woke up with the sniffles this past weekend.
NO ONE has time for that on Christmas week!
We pulled out our favorite immune-supporting oils,
combined those with rest, TLC, and lots of Ningxia Red,
and within 24 hours, everyone was back to normal.
Oils for the win.  Again.

And this is the spirit of Christmas generosity, 
sitting on my kitchen counter.
For the second year in a row,
a dear friend has sent us Christmas dinner.
She says that it's so I can enjoy the day with my family without cooking.
I say that it's so I can love Jesus more because of her,
so I can be more like Him because she pushes me to.

This girl.
Precious, precious Katie.
She showed up tonight with gifts for our children,
and a gift certificate for Dan & I:
dinner at a super fancy steak place,
with childcare included!
Can you imagine someone her age, being so thoughtful?
It's enough to make me cry again,
like I did when I read the card she included.
And how great is this:
we gave each other the same chocolate.
 Katie and I are going to read through the Bible together in 2016.
I can't wait.

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