Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Round here

It has been almost a month since I've blogged!
That must be a record, and it makes me sad because so much happens...
and yet, that's probably the reason I've not been blogging - 
because so much is happening!

The best I can do at the moment is a quick snapshot of life around here...
and I know I will be glad one day that I did!

You see, I have these blog posts made into books, once a year,
and they are our family's scrapbook.

So for the sake of posterity,
here's what's been going on 'round here:

A few weeks ago, Dan hosted a dinner for all of his adult Connect Group leaders 
at V Paul's downtown.  
Dinner was delicious, and it was so nice to have all of his wonderful volunteers in one place, so he could thank them for the way they serve the church so faithfully.

I snagged a seat next to the lovely Mrs. Judy, our pastor's wife.
I just cherish the moments I steal with her - 
she has a sweet, sweet spirit, and is a joy to spend time with.

This precious friend Elaine kept our littles for us so I could go:
There is nothing, nothing, nothing in the world like someone who loves your babies,
who sees the wonderful parts in them and celebrates them with you,
for no reason at all but love.

Our grade level recently celebrated our friend Betsy becoming Mrs. Eggart!
It was the loveliest, sweetest wedding.

This is what mornings are looking like around here these days:
We get them out of their bed, and they move to the couch.
It's obvious that we are all ready for an extended break from daily life!

We are still loving and using our oils all the time.
This was my order from last month!
Something new we are doing is everyone is drinking 1 ounce of ningxia red every day.
It's so delicious, and packed with so many vitamins and nutrients.
I can tell a difference in my energy level and attitude for sure,
and it helps keep us from getting sick.

Lana's favorite thing in the order was Tranquil
This is her sleep potion!  
It's a roller bottle filled with all the best sleepy oils,
and it helps her relax and settle her mind.
She used to lay in bed with her mind racing, 
and would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep.
It would frustrate her to the point of tears.
Now she says she just reapplies Tranquil and goes right back to sleep!

 This boy.  This picture.
It melts my heart.
I came out to the kitchen from getting ready one morning,
and found him doing this.  Unloading the dishwasher.
Without being asked.
And he had already made his bed and cleaned his room.
I nearly burst into tears, and he was just so proud of himself.
"I did it for you, Mommy!  As a surprise!"

The next day, he snuck in to Lana's room while she was in our room getting dressed,
and made her bed for her.
He is becoming a precious servant leader - God is really growing him in this area!

Our Children's Ministry hosted a dinner recently for their volunteers,
and it was a family affair!  I love those.
So many cuties at this kids' table:

There was karaoke, and he sang Dad's Life.
I think I'm still blushing!
This introvert married an extrovert and it keeps my life fun, for sure!

One of Lana's favorite friends:

Lana is still swimming competitively, and enjoying it.
At her most recent met, she set PRs in 2 events, including the 100 IM.
We love to watch her compete.

This guy is loving reading more and more every day.
We often go looking for him when he's quiet,
and find him somewhere like this:

Lana took communion with us for the first time:

 Tucker marked a sidewalk chalk drawing with his initials:
That's for Tucker Philip Davis's.

Six months ago, Katie and I were virtually strangers.
Six months ago, she had just come to know the Lord.
And now we meet every other Wednesday morning
at a great local coffee shop
and talk about life and Jesus and how we can be more like Him.
God is so good to me.

We are in the middle of Advent,
and it is one of the most precious times with the Lord.
Each night, we light another candle on our advent wreath,
and read a portion from the Old Testament, 
and put an ornament on our Jesse Tree.
Each year, we do this.  
We tell ourselves the stories over and over.
We preach the gospel of Jesus to ourselves,
as we see all of history pointing to his birth.
We light candles in the quiet and we slow down
and we teach ourselves to wait for Him, together.

Lana asked for just a bit of makeup for her Christmas musical,
and I got a glimpse of years to come.
She's such a beauty....
and can we talk about those lashes?!

A Davis trait is that our legs get very sore and achy when we are overtired;
Lana is no different.  
We're SUPER thankful for Orthosport;
it soothes all those aches and pains.
It's our favorite thing these days for muscular back and neck issues, too.

And what would a 'Round here post be without pictures of
The Life of Pepper:

We adore her, clearly.

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