Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hillcrest Christmas Musical 2015

Hillcrest Church's 2015 Children's Choir

Mrs. Traci Weidlich spent every Sunday afternoon for months preparing the children,
and it was incredible to see the results!
We are ever so thankful for the time she has invested in our children.
She took her responsibility very seriously,
and in turn, the children did.

Traci has bonded with my Lana from the first moment we met,
and Lana just eats up everything she says and does.  I love that!
It is no small blessing for my daughter to have Godly, wise women to look up to,
who will speak the same Truth to her that we do.
I pray that those relationships will grow and flourish as she grows.

Speaking of women like that, 
we are ever so thankful for these two beautiful young women:
Breanna and Audrey are interns in our children's ministry department,
and they are treasures.
Exactly the kind of young women that I pray my Lana grows up to be.
They assisted Traci with the Children's Choir for this musical,
and they are such hard workers!

 Being her mama is the best.
Dressing her up, putting (just a touch of) makeup on her beautiful face, finding a seat where she is sure to see me beaming at her, being the first face that she looks for when she walks out...
it's the highest honor of my life to be that person in hers.

....ahhhh, and here we see Lana, in her natural habitat.
Love that goofy little side to her!!

I can't say enough about this musical.
It was a stunning, beautiful performance....
but performance isn't the right word.
It was so worshipful,
and was so good for my soul.

Our worship pastor has an absolutely masterful gift,
and we are so thankful he uses it to glorify God!

 Precious children, singing their hearts out, eyes locked on Mrs. Traci:

Lana's friend Riley sang in the choir, as well.
They are also on swim team together.
I love how our lives overlap with others in our community! 

We love our church!

Watch a few clips here:
video 1
video 2
video 3
video 4

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