Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas with Sue Sue

Today we drove to Dauphin Island to spend the day with my mom, and celebrate Christmas together.  It was a really lovely day!

We ate her delicious gumbo for lunch (it's the best in all the world, honestly),
visited the Sea Lab, met some of her friends, and enjoyed her new home!

They each asked to have the picture below taken:
Love their personalities and how different they are!

Oh this picture.  
I rarely have one with just my babies and I.
And I don't particularly love how I look in it:
I'm not in the best shape I've ever been in, I'm sitting funny, my hair's a humid hot mess...I could go on.
But do you see the way my Lana is leaning her head on my shoulder?
And how she's holding my hand?
That's one of the best feelings in my world.
She's 9, halfway through her time living in our home,
and she still snugs up tight to me.
And do you see my Tucker - 
how he has his arm just wrapped around me?
He's a mama's boy through and through,
and must ask a dozen times throughout the day if he can hug me.
I may not like how I look,
but I LOVE how this moment felt,
and I'll treasure it forever.

The Sea Lab was absolutely fantastic!  
It's been years since we've been;
Lana was small, and Tucker has never been.
It was so wonderful and exploratory and educational!
If you're in the area, it's a must do.

We were right on time for the stingray feeding!

 This is a stingray tooth! 
They lose their teeth and regrow new ones frequently, like sharks.
The teeth sit horizontally in their mouths.
Pretty cool, huh?

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