Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve 2016

This year we told the kids that they could stay up until midnight, for the first time ever!
We spent the day with our dear friends the Moore's,
and made it home in time for the Alabama game at 7:00.

We had lots of snacks and finger foods,
blew up the air mattress so we could all lay together,
and watched the countdown to the ball drop in between quarters.

Tucker made it until 10:30 and crashed.
Lana took a quick (accidental) snoozer around 11,
and then was back up with us until midnight.

I love their ages!!

Happy New Year!


Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Jesus, 
for He will save His people from their sins.
Matthew 1:21

The kids used their own money to buy each other & us gifts.
Tucker learned to write this year, 
and I LOVED seeing his sweet little writing on tags.
Lana did a great job helping him wrap things for us!

These awesome guys worked late into the night last night:

to prepare THIS SURPRISE for their "something you want." 

They've spent most of the day today jumping!
Dan pulled the basketball goal over to combine these 2 fun gifts!

something to wear: new uniforms for a new school!

something you need: a basketball to go with the goal outside

Lana never asks for anything.  ANYTHING.
She's the hardest person to shop for, 
because she's generally just a content person;
she most often prefers experiences and quality time over things.
But this year she has been asking for "anything Apple."
We scored a great deal on an iPad mini for this precious daughter of ours,
and the delight on her face was worth every penny.
We delight in giving her good gifts!

We hid it below a book for her "something to read."

We've had lots of talks about safety and expectations,
will exercise the greatest amount of caution and supervision 
with this new responsibility we've given her...
and she has enjoyed it all day long!

 Tucker's "Something to read" this year was a real Bible!
We are praying God causes him to love the Word so much this year.

Pepper really got in to the gift giving his year, as well!

She got a bully stick, a new bed, and some new toys.
Waiting patiently for mama to take the tags off:

testing out the new snooze spot:

Tucker thought Pepper's new bed was pretty great, too, hahaha:

One of the benefits we've seen to limiting the number of gifts we give
is that our children really enjoy watching everyone open their presents.
So sweet!

This guy got some new Wii games from Nana & PawPaw for Christmas,
and some in his stocking this morning.
There are no screen time limits on Christmas Day,
so he spent most of the day doing THIS:

 Dan spent all last night preparing gifts for the children,
and most of the morning setting up iPads, playing Wii games, shooting basketball, and jumping on the trampoline.
Finally, after lunch, he got to put together his own best gift:

 Could he be any more adorable?!
  I think not!
He makes my heart skip a beat when he turns his hat backwards like that.

 What a wonderful, precious day!
We love this sweet time together,
celebrating the end of Advent.
We light our last candle on the advent wreath, read the Scriptures,
enjoy a meal delivered to our door by Honeybaked Ham 
as an unbelievable blessing from a dear, generous friend
and celebrate this joyous occasion 
by giving our best gifts and time to each other.
We are so, so grateful.
For this life, for our Savior, for eternal security.