Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Round here.

It's been over 10 days since I last blogged - that's a record!
It's also a testament to our life these days.
It is so full of wonderful things.
Here are some snapshots from these busy, busy days.

I loved being able to go assist with Tucker's classroom Fall Festival.
I worked the cookie decorating and snack station!  

I also helped the children make Tootsie Pop ghosts - 
Tucker loved that.

Lana with some of her buddies from her class.
I love the little person she is becoming.  
She told me about some of her dreams as we walked the other day,
including the kind of job her husband won't have: watch here.

Reading Night at our school with my best girl - 
this is the 5th one we've attended together.
I love that our school hosts such wonderful, community-driven events!

Friday date days with Dan are a truly lovely thing.
We had breakfast together a couple of weeks ago at Bodacious Brew,
and it basically changed our life.
This, my friends, is a vanilla latte and a cinnamon roll.

We finally got our Thanksgiving tree up;
this is my brainchild, but something that Dan puts together for us each fall.
There's a tree down the road he cuts branches from for it each year.

Tucker found this leaf on a walk and said 
"MOM!  It's finally fall!"
For almost a week, he told everyone we met (including the cashier at the store)
that we found the first leaf of fall together.

A weekend with the cousins is always fun!
These Davis kiddos are my favorites.

I love my church.
I love my pastor, who faithfully preaches the Word.
I love our worship leader, who leads us in contemporary songs and beautiful old hymns,
blending it together worshipfully.
I love the people of our church, who feel so much like family.
I love the huge amount of money that our church spends on sending missionaries.
I love the way children are valued and cherished here.
I love the way there's room at the table for everyone.

This little cuddle bug is the heart of our family.
She steals our hearts over and over again with her sweets snuggles.

Our November this year has included shorts and t-shirts,
cherishing the last bit of sunlight outdoors,
truly an Indian summer.

I birthed beautiful twins, 3 years apart.

 Tucker planned this little creation for days,
and was so proud when his daddy helped him bring it to life!

Precious Miranda Richbourg created this Team Davis sign for us,
and this is now my favorite wall in our house.

Today was Grandparents Day for 4th grade,
and grandparents got to join the students for lunch.
Lana was so happy to have her Nana with her!
They favor so much to me in this picture.

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