Monday, October 12, 2015

Yes Day 2015

This morning, Lana & Tucker each had a note waiting on them 
under their door or taped to their nightstand:
Today marked our 3rd annual YES DAY!
Inspired by this book, Yes Day has become a beloved annual tradition
for me & the littles.

Dan is typically the "fun parent."
There's usually one in every family, and thank goodness for it!
He brings lots of joy and laughter to our home - 
Team Davis would be far too serious without Dan.

I am the one mostly in charge of homework, practices, chores,
and keeping everything running smoothly.
I take all the responsibility pretty seriously, 
and can sometimes be the heavy in the family.

So Yes Day is generally planned when Daddy is out of town or working,
and it gives me a chance to blow off all the responsibilities of life
and just have a day full of fun with my kids.
We LOVE it!

Because this is the 3rd Yes Day we've done together,
they are becoming pros at it.
The first thing they did upon waking and finding their note
was to sit down together and brainstorm what they'd like to do.

Yes Day is a day when Mommy says Yes to all the things.
The only "rules" are
that requests must be financially reasonable,
we must stay nearby (no going out of town),
sugar and screen time must be kept within reasonable limits,
and they must not argue about what to do
(they have to come to some agreement or at least kindly take turns choosing).

Their first requests of the morning were
Can we watch cartoons in your bed?
Can we watch just one more cartoon?
Can I cook eggs for all of us for breakfast?
Can we have a brownie after our eggs?
Can we leave our beds unmade and our room a mess?
Can we play board games?

Can we have ice cream for lunch?
With as many flavors as we want?
And as many toppings as we can fit in the bowl?

Can we have a food fight?

Can we play mini golf?

 Can we go to the arcade?
Can we get 100 tokens?

Can we eat all the candy we won?
Can we play outside until dark?

YES, YES, YES, all the livelong day.
Yes Day lasted until bedtime at 7:00 p.m.

The only questions I answered "No" to today were:
Can we go to Disney?
Can we eat in your car?
Can tomorrow be Yes Day again?

Here's a peek into past Yes Days:

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