Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend with the Scott's

We got to spend this weekend with some of our favorites in the whole world,
the Scott family!
It had been FAR too long since the 8 of us had been together,
and we loved every minute.
We shopped for costumes, visited the pumpkin patch and painted pumpkins, jumped on the trampoline, played games, ate like kings, rested, relaxed, laughed, stayed up way too late, worshipped together, talked countless hours of ministry, and were so honored by the way they served and loved us all weekend long!


Once a year, April gives me the privilege of speaking to their church's 
community Motherhood ministry.

It was SO fun to meet one of the women there that morning,
who lived near & was friends with my brother in college!

The Scott's have Chipotle in their town. 
We don't.
So even though Dustin hates it,
he tolerates an annual trip there with us.
(Or he goes next door and gets a burger.  Whatev.)

I LOVE these 4 little buddies!!
We hope they are friends for life -
they have been so far.
Every parent knows the delight of having friends 
whose children enjoy being together.
Such a blessing!

Thank you, April and Dustin and Hollis and Marek,
for another wonderful weekend of #framily.

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