Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tucker is a Lipscomb Leader!

Today Tucker was honored as a "Lipscomb Leader."
4 of his class were chosen as ones who exemplify the character trait of Leadeship,
and I think his teacher has him pegged quite right!

From a very young age,
we knew that peer pressure was not a thing for Tucker.
He actually does not care what anyone else is doing.
At all.  Ever.
Pointed in the right direction, this will be a powerful character trait,
and it is our prayer that Tucker is always a leader -
a man of strong character, deep convictions, and fearless.

He was so very excited and proud to receive his award!
(Note: it's Silly Sock day at school!)

Can you see his face?  
the way he's leaning in?
nearly racing up those stairs?
be still my heart.

because I'm his mama, I know that little tongue in his cheek means he's a tiny bit nervous.

those girls on either side of him are Charli Beth and Emma - 
smart, sweet little girls.  They are his buddies.

Mrs. Guerra's Leaders

all the Kindergarten Lipscomb Leaders

We are so proud of him! 
I love being this guy's mama.

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