Friday, October 23, 2015

19 years and counting.

These people. 
You guys.
I don't even have words.

My family moved from Woolmarket, MS to Daphne, AL in 1996.
I went from a tiny private school with 8-10 people in my class
to a huge public school with 350 in my class.
I'm not sure I would have been able to make that transition without these people. 

I met these girls in the youth group at Eastern Shore Baptist Church,
and they absorbed me like I had been there all my life.
Their friendship was what held me steady through high school.

Bryant and Donna were in their 30's,  
and completely opened their homes and lives to our "group."
They had the coolest gaming systems so we could come play.
They had a fridge and freezer always stocked with our favorites.
They made us laugh and told us the truth and kept us out of worlds of trouble
while still making us feel so cool.
Their house was the safest, most fun party destination for us,
and the influence they had on us cannot be overstated.

They loved Jesus by loving us
and tolerating us and spoiling us 
and we had no idea at the time how unique their presence was in our lives.
Looking back, I can only hope & pray that God 
puts someone similar in my children's lives.

Last night we got together for dinner 
(they still feed us SO well)
and laughter and catching up and looking through Kim's boxes of memories.

I wish I could put all the pictures here....
oh my stars, we howled with laughter and got emotional
I'll be honest, I think I love these girls more as adults
than I ever did as teenagers.

Check out these pictures Kim had:
Dan Davis has always been THE CUTEST BOY
in the world to me!

#88 at a Friday pep rally

This flower.
We were such teenaged girls,
and we came up with this little doodle of a flower together,
and I am not lying when I tell you that I STILL draw it when I'm doodling.

There is something really special about being with people who knew you way back when.

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