Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or Treating 2015

This is the first Halloween in years that Dan has been home with us,
and we were so happy about it!

After a long, fun-filled day at the fair,
we came home and dressed up to go out in the surrounding neighborhoods.

a pirate and Hawkeye

This little beauty,
with her rosy red lips and painted on scar.
She's wild and wonderful in every way.

Just as we were leaving our house,
it started raining.
It was just a light rain, so we headed out anyway.
After 2 hours, it started POURING.

And what do good parents do when it starts pouring?
You send your kiddos out in the rain,
and follow along slowly beside them in the dry car.  Ha!

Headed home with happy, sopping wet, sugar-filled kiddos.
We adore them!

And now for the best part: trading.

Fair 2015

These sweet friends.
We are so thankful for the ways our lives have overlapped,
and how natural and easy our friendship with them is.
We loved our day at the fair with them today!

We started with the farm and exotic animal display.

We rode rides for hours upon hours:

 And ate SO MUCH fair food!
Corndogs and lemonade and chicken on a stick and fried pickles
and funnel cake and cotton candy and roasted corn.
It's arguably the best part of the fair!

We found Lana's artwork on display inside the buildings - 
so proud of her!  
I can't wait to get these home and frame them.

We had an absolutely fantastic time and can't wait for next year!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Round here

We are so thankful for every day that we have together.
As we head into November, we will set aside the month to be deliberately,
intentionally thankful, with our words and with our actions.

And I'm finding, more and more,
that my heart overflows with gratitude most often in the daily-ness.
Nothing extraordinary, just simple pleasures 
with the ones I love.

We are still using our oils daily, and loving them.
This has been  lifestyle change for us.
 Finding my children sprawled in different places around the house, 
reading together,
brings me so much pleasure.

The longer I am a teacher,
the more I see the great pressure that students are under today.
Making time for relaxing, life-giving things like reading & painting 
become more and more important to me all the time.

Peace & Calming oil in the diffuser is one of my new faves.
I actually really dislike the way it smells in the bottle;
I'm not sure what it is that I just don't like.
But put those drops in a diffuser, and it smells sooooo good.

always some sort of shenanigans.
I think he is retrieving fake dog poo from the ceiling.

For superhero day at school,
we all wore our Lourcey adoption shirts:
Psalm 68:6
God sets the lonely in families....even superheroes.

The other day, I was walking down the halls at school and spotted Lana's bubble map about herself.  I absolutely LOVE how she sees herself, and the adjectives she uses in her map:
adventurous, honest, optimistic, brave, intelligent, compassionate
These are exactly the words I would use to describe her, too!

Last Saturday, Dan went to the AL/TN game with his buddy:

so the kids and I declared a "do nothing" day.
We'd been running like crazy all week,
so this day we cancelled all screen time limits
and didn't leave our house one time.

Spoiling myself during small group reading instruction with a cup of my favorite hot tea with a big spoonful of local honey.  This has replaced coffee in my life.
Until summer and iced coffee.  Nothing could ever make me break up with iced coffee.

I am so thankful for new friends...
ones who being with feels so natural, right from the start.
No pretending, just real.
We are so thankful for our church,
and ALL the good things it's brought in to our life...
the Moore family being one of our favorites!

Pepper is the perfect dog for our family.  
She is the cuddliest, most loving thing.

Run, don't walk, RUN to Panera and order a Turkey Apple Cheddar sandwich.
It will change your life.  It's the best sandwich around.
Trust me, I've had 3 already this week. I know.

Sweet kindergarten buddies!