Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or Treating 2015

This is the first Halloween in years that Dan has been home with us,
and we were so happy about it!

After a long, fun-filled day at the fair,
we came home and dressed up to go out in the surrounding neighborhoods.

a pirate and Hawkeye

This little beauty,
with her rosy red lips and painted on scar.
She's wild and wonderful in every way.

Just as we were leaving our house,
it started raining.
It was just a light rain, so we headed out anyway.
After 2 hours, it started POURING.

And what do good parents do when it starts pouring?
You send your kiddos out in the rain,
and follow along slowly beside them in the dry car.  Ha!

Headed home with happy, sopping wet, sugar-filled kiddos.
We adore them!

And now for the best part: trading.

Fair 2015

These sweet friends.
We are so thankful for the ways our lives have overlapped,
and how natural and easy our friendship with them is.
We loved our day at the fair with them today!

We started with the farm and exotic animal display.

We rode rides for hours upon hours:

 And ate SO MUCH fair food!
Corndogs and lemonade and chicken on a stick and fried pickles
and funnel cake and cotton candy and roasted corn.
It's arguably the best part of the fair!

We found Lana's artwork on display inside the buildings - 
so proud of her!  
I can't wait to get these home and frame them.

We had an absolutely fantastic time and can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tucker is a Lipscomb Leader!

Today Tucker was honored as a "Lipscomb Leader."
4 of his class were chosen as ones who exemplify the character trait of Leadeship,
and I think his teacher has him pegged quite right!

From a very young age,
we knew that peer pressure was not a thing for Tucker.
He actually does not care what anyone else is doing.
At all.  Ever.
Pointed in the right direction, this will be a powerful character trait,
and it is our prayer that Tucker is always a leader -
a man of strong character, deep convictions, and fearless.

He was so very excited and proud to receive his award!
(Note: it's Silly Sock day at school!)

Can you see his face?  
the way he's leaning in?
nearly racing up those stairs?
be still my heart.

because I'm his mama, I know that little tongue in his cheek means he's a tiny bit nervous.

those girls on either side of him are Charli Beth and Emma - 
smart, sweet little girls.  They are his buddies.

Mrs. Guerra's Leaders

all the Kindergarten Lipscomb Leaders

We are so proud of him! 
I love being this guy's mama.

Monday, October 26, 2015

It's raining, it's pouring....

life with Team Davis is never boring!

Especially when it's a torrential downpour,
but not thundering at all,
and you've been cooped up in school all day,
so you finish dinner and homework and piano practice

And you slip and slide
and bathe the dog
and have water fights with Daddy,

and then Mama warms your towels in the dryer
and carries you right to a hot bath.

Because childhood is made of afternoons like these.