Sunday, September 20, 2015

Swim meet (and a very special guest)

Today was Lana's first meet of the season swimming up with the 9 & 10 year olds.
Her times were consistent with what she has been swimming,
but she didn't place as high as she did with the 8 and unders, 
so that wasn't her favorite thing.
We hope she'll use it for fuel as she practices!

It was a GREAT meet, though,
because a very special someone came to cheer her on:

We have been so blessed to have always had fantastic teachers for our children.
Without exception, we feel like we win the teacher lottery every year.
And you know, sometimes, maybe once or twice in a child's whole school career,
they have a teacher who does something magical in them.
Their spirits just connect, 
and they awaken a love for learning in your child
that kind of makes you catch your breath,
and they love your child for who they are 
and every time you even say their name, your child gets stars in their eyes.
Mrs. Celis was that one for Lana....
however, I suspect she is that one for many, many children.
She loves Jesus, and it just oozes out of her in everything she does.
It doesn't matter that she can't preach the gospel in her public school classroom,
she lives the gospel in how she loves and teaches her students.
How she loved & taught mine.

And for her to show up at a swim meet
on a Saturday
when my child is no longer in her class,
rearranging family plans to do so....
You know what that does to a mama's heart.
And you can see what it does to my daughters':

She is so beautiful to me when she is in the water!

I absolutely adore this picture Mrs. Celis took - 
can you see her smiling as she swims?!
She does it all the time.

Proud Daddy:

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