Friday, September 18, 2015

Open House

Last night was Open House at our school!
I was in my classroom to greet families 
(every single one showed up!),
so Dan brought the children to visit their classroom.
They stopped by for a quick hug on their way!

First stop: Mrs. Guerra's classroom 

He was so proud to read his "reader" without any help!  :)

He had to show them the "tight corner,"
which is his name for the time out spot.

 I can already see the improvement in his handwriting,
thanks to his teacher!

Next stop: Mrs. Johnston's class out in the POD 

Their Bucket Fillers display is one of my favorite things:

Lana was thrilled to see her bucket full.  :)

I thought this was such a great Guess Who? writing.
It's always so interesting to me how my children describe themselves!

We are so thankful for our school and our children's wonderful teachers!

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