Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life with Tucker today (6 years old)

Favorites of my 6 year old:
  • Foods: spaghetti that Mommy makes and fruit snacks and runny eggs that Daddy makes
  • Movie: Big Hero 6 except for the sad part
  • Cartoon or TV show: TurboFast 
  • Books: CD books
  • Toys: the presents that my family gave me - Lana gave me a transformer dinosaur.
  • Activities: do electronics if I can.  If I can't, play with sister, and if she won't, then read.  There's no laws for reading.

When I grow up, I want to be: a missionary

  • Physical: PE is his favorite thing at school.  He is all boy and loves to run and play.  He loved playing tball and we will try soccer in the spring.  Because he tends to be a bit cautious, he takes longer to master new physical things: he still can't ride his bike without training wheels and is honestly nearly terrified.  We have him in swim lessons still and while he is getting better all the time, and is in fact swimming, his confidence level is not high.  He could probably do a lot more physically than his observant-cautious mind will let him!
  • Spiritual: He's so resolute in his love for Jesus, his belief in God as the only true way.  He soaks up catechism like a little sponge, and is quick to tell his teachers at church that "I know this story!"  We are pouring lots into him about the Bible being the biggest story - all about Jesus.  We have prayed for him to love the Word from the time he was born, and he is indeed the one around the dinner table who will always ask to "read just a little more!"  We are praying for this all to take root in his soul and that God would use him in big ways for His glory.
  • Emotional: Tucker feels all the things so intensely!  It's one of the ways he is so much like his mommy.  We see it everyday because he is often happy and excited about life in general, but sometimes we get a glimpse of this very tender heart.  He feels others' sadness as deeply as his own.  Just this past week, for example: we have been listening to the audio CD of Anne of Green Gables.  We were riding down the road one afternoon and it was on.  I wasn't really paying attention to it; just thinking of other things....until he burst into sobs.  I had to pull over to figure out what was wrong with him.  It took several minutes before he could get it out: Matthew had just died!  He could not even bear the sadness.
  • Educational: We are in the 4th week of kindergarten, and he is having a wonderful year so far!  He was surprised by "how serious it is!" (in his own words) and he has quickly mastered the rules of the classroom.  His teacher is fantastic, and is already talking about ways to help Tucker continue learning and becoming a more fluent reader!  He can already read all of the sight words on their list for the entire year, and is able to sound out CVC words and read stories with those.  We haven't yet introduced long vowels, but that's coming next!
  • Character: We are seeing the Lord work in Tucker in many ways that we have prayed for!  He is becoming more and more generous every day, learning to consider others before himself.  This doesn't come naturally to him, so we are very pleased with him when we see him do things like give his sister a favored toy, or put more of his allowance in his tithe jar than he does in the spend jar.  Another way we are loving the growth in his character is how he is becoming such a gentleman!  Dan talks with him often about "what Davis men do," and reminds him about opening doors, letting ladies go first, etc.  A few mornings ago, we were coming in to school, and without being reminded or asked, Tucker saw a teacher coming in with her hands full, and ran to get the door for her.  Love that.

Today at school, we celebrated with his classmates with his favorite things: 
chocolate chip cookies and apple juice Capri Sun.
 He loved passing out the cookies to his friends!

Mommy got to get a hug from the birthday boy in the hall.
Each day, my class is coming to lunch as his class is leaving lunch - 
it's perfect timing!

After school and swim team practice for Lana,
we picked up Daddy and let Tucker have his choice of celebration!
We played arcade games at Fast Eddie's and then went to Waffle House for waffles and hash browns and hot chocolate.  We did not take a single picture because we were having so much fun.  
He is such a joy.

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