Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dad's Day at school

Today was Dad's Day at our school.
They got to bring daddy to their classroom for donuts,
and then shop together at the book fair.
We are so glad Dan is the daddy of Team Davis!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Round here

BSF started back last week, and we are studying Revelation this year.
It is going to be so good, I can tell - 
but no matter what we are studying, it's good.  Good for my soul.

A few weeks ago Lana and I and one of our precious college girls Miranda went to see the Hiding Place at Rex Theater.  It was incredible!

This little instagram post by Thrive Moms is such a great picture
of what the Lord is doing in my heart, especially in regards to my parenting these days.

And on a less serious note,
 this meme made me laugh!  Oh how I love Dan Davis!

 This little rascal is still the apple of our eye:

Tucker is still learning to skip.
He calls guacamole wok-a-mole and if anyone corrects him, I'll hurt you.

We just finished up our fall Mom2Mom sale!
As always, we found fantastic things (fall/winter clothes for the kids, speed skates for Dan, books, a few tops for me), AND we made as much from selling our things as we spent on new ones,
so that's a win!

6 weeks into the school year with my precious firsties:

This beautiful yoke hangs in Dan's office at work.
The beautiful Miranda made him that piece of art to go under it.
I can barely stop myself from stealing it off the wall
and bringing it home.

Pepper ran off and scared us to death a few weeks ago.
Thank You, Jesus, for great neighbors!
Of course Dan was not home that night, and I couldn't leave my sleeping babies
to go look for my furry baby!
Every one of the Everett men went out looking for her....
and they found her!

I got to make a quick trip to Dallas to visit my precious college roomie:

and meet her babies!!

Melis & I got to check an item off our bucket list and go to a Postsecret Live! event together.
 Postsecret is one of our oldest shared traditions,
right alongside watching Survivor.
 It was so cool to get to hear Frank Warren in person,
from fantastic seats!!  (Thanks, Melis!)

Lana is swimming again this season - 
it marks a year of being on swim team.
Look how cute she & her teammate are in their matching towels!

We recently read The Biggest Story devotional together as a family.
It is captivating, and this really beautiful picture of how the gospel is preached all through the Old Testament.

One of the reasons I love job sharing is that I get to still be mama to my little ones!
Tucker was thrilled I came to have lunch with him and we got to sit at the special parent/child tables.

13 years married,
and we still wake up with our pillows scrunched together in the middle.
I love him.

Speaking of our bed, morning snuggles are all the rage at our house,
and we actually have to allot time into our morning routine for them:

 We took our college students to a Maji:Hope event in Fairhope a few weeks ago.
This little guy couldn't make it all the way home:

Friday, September 25, 2015


Tucker's new thing these days is drawing lots of pictures
of playing golf with Daddy.
He loves to go golfing with Dan, 
and asks about it almost every day.
A wonderful older gentleman at our church gave Tucker a set of his own clubs!

I love the labels and arrows in the picture:

Sometimes he even includes Lana.
(That's her squished in the left side.)

What could Daddy do but take them out for a round of golf on Friday after school?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tucker's first chapter book

Teaching Tucker to read has been absolutely fascinating!  It is so different from how Lana learned.  He does well with sounding things out, but he is primarily a sight reader, and once he's read a word, he can remember it very well.

His kindergarten teacher has done an awesome job at encouraging him to read, and I can tell in just these few weeks how his stamina has improved under her guidance!

Just today, he found one of Lana's older chapter books Ivy and Bean and decided to read it in the car on the way to school.  When Dan told me he was reading it, I wasn't so sure, so tonight I asked him to read me a page or two: Tucker reading

He is demonstrating so many fabulous literacy skills without being prompted!
*tracking print
*reading with expression
*self correcting
*re-reading for comprehension
*sounding out words internally (burp)

I love raising readers!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Baldwin County Fair...the good, the fun, and the ugly.

Do you know what is fun?
So, so fun?

Staying out way past your bedtime,
with your friends-since-birth
at the Baldwin County Fair:

It's still SO FUN 
even when one bajillion other people show up, too:

Do you know what is not fun?
The mama of the family being dumb enough to ride the Tilt-a-Whirl.
Even though she knows she gets motion sick.
Even though she knows it is getting worse as she gets older.
Even though she just ate a corndog and cotton candy.

Do you know what is really not fun at all?
That mama getting so, so sick that she could barely drive home.
That she almost had to call the daddy to come from an hour away to come get them.

You would think the mama would be smarter than that!

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Swim meet (and a very special guest)

Today was Lana's first meet of the season swimming up with the 9 & 10 year olds.
Her times were consistent with what she has been swimming,
but she didn't place as high as she did with the 8 and unders, 
so that wasn't her favorite thing.
We hope she'll use it for fuel as she practices!

It was a GREAT meet, though,
because a very special someone came to cheer her on:

We have been so blessed to have always had fantastic teachers for our children.
Without exception, we feel like we win the teacher lottery every year.
And you know, sometimes, maybe once or twice in a child's whole school career,
they have a teacher who does something magical in them.
Their spirits just connect, 
and they awaken a love for learning in your child
that kind of makes you catch your breath,
and they love your child for who they are 
and every time you even say their name, your child gets stars in their eyes.
Mrs. Celis was that one for Lana....
however, I suspect she is that one for many, many children.
She loves Jesus, and it just oozes out of her in everything she does.
It doesn't matter that she can't preach the gospel in her public school classroom,
she lives the gospel in how she loves and teaches her students.
How she loved & taught mine.

And for her to show up at a swim meet
on a Saturday
when my child is no longer in her class,
rearranging family plans to do so....
You know what that does to a mama's heart.
And you can see what it does to my daughters':

She is so beautiful to me when she is in the water!

I absolutely adore this picture Mrs. Celis took - 
can you see her smiling as she swims?!
She does it all the time.

Proud Daddy: