Monday, August 24, 2015

Round here

We are in flux around here....our brains know the school year has started, but our hearts still think it's summer!!  :)  Here are a few of the fun things we've been up to as summer came to a close and school has started up:

Dan played on a summer softball league with some great guys from church.
We all loved it and can't wait for the next season!

 Tucker used a gift card to Books-a-Million that the Rutherford's gave him for his birthday to buy this  "sound gun."  You'll have to ask him what sounds it makes.  (cringe)

Lana used a birthday gift card to Books-a-Million to get an adult coloring book.
You better believe Mommy got in on the action, too!

Lana is wearing headgear at night!
We're working on stopping that upper jaw from growing so fast,
and giving the lower one a little time to catch up,
which will hopefully decrease the overbite.
The first night she wore it was so sad;
she cried and said it hurt & she couldn't get comfortable.
I laid with her until she fell asleep,
and she hasn't complained about it one more time since then!

Tucker's hair had gotten SO LONG before his back-to-school haircut!

Outdoor and indoor adventuring with their favorite babysitter, Madison:

Madison kept them for almost 2 full weeks while I was at preplanning and workshops.
She is absolutely fantastic, and the kids love her!
Tucker cried his eyes out on the last day when she had to leave:

Tucker found a stray capsule on the floor one morning,
and made a new weapon for Spiderman.
I love his imagination!

This beautiful guy hitchhiked home with me from church one Sunday morning.

The first week of school is long!  We made sure to have Tucker in bed by 6:30 p.m. each night, and Lana by 7:00 p.m., but the kindergartener still needed to catch up on his sleep this weekend!

The kids don't nap anymore, but they do have 1-2 hours of quiet time in their room each day of the weekend.  This is how we found Tucker when we came to get him from quiet time.

Can you see his little stuffed animal tucked in next to him?  It's a dog named "Bash."
And he has that sound gun next to him, too.
I asked him why he didn't get in the bed when he got sleepy,
and he said "I just feel asleep so quick!"

One night last week, 
Lana climbed into the bed with me and read poetry to us.
It was so quiet and peaceful and magical.

Tucker wanted to take selfies before bed:

We took Tucker out of group swim lessons, 
and are doing a private lesson every other week with Coach Alex.
He is making tons of progress!

My dear friend Mary & I are teaching kindergarten on Sunday mornings together.
This past Sunday, we learned that wisdom comes from God,
and He will give us "wise eyes" to see danger and run from it!

Having fun with a busted Wubble.
He always makes us laugh!

Oh, and Pepper still has it really rough around here:

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