Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Round here

Today is it.
The last day of our summer vacation.
Tomorrow I go back to school, for trainings and workshops.
Our favorite sitter will keep the kids for this week and next while we both work.

We've gotten new school shoes
and back to school haircuts
and a new system in place for packing lunches.

We were deliberately "un-scheduled" this summer,
and we loved that.
Lazy mornings, blanket tents in the house,
endless books read, loads of quiet time,
practicing our golf swing, inventions galore.
But it hasn't been quite enough.

We haven't had quite enough time
to do all the fun things we wanted to do
to go all the places we wanted to go
to be as lazy as we wanted to be.
We just need one more month of summer, I think.

I have enjoyed my children immensely these past 8 weeks.
It has been a delight to be with them, almost every minute.
They aren't perfect by any stretch,
but they are mine
and they are funny 
and cute
and fun
and they play together so well
and they give the best kisses
and I just want more days with them.
More time.

I'd homeschool them,
but they love school so darn much
and they're learning so much about being kind and brave.
So I'm sharing them with their teachers this year, reluctantly.
I'm praying already for those women
who will have my babies for more waking hours than I will
during the weekdays.
I'm praying for those teachers to have great patience, and to be full of joy.
I'm praying for favor to surround my children like a shield. (Psalm 5:12)

And before we get back to school,
here's a glimpse of what's been going on around here 
in our last few days of summer:

Working on gifts for teachers for the first day of school:
 Thieves foaming hand soap & a small Target gift card
First day of school gifts aren't expected, 
but they are SO appreciated and puts a smile on every teacher's face.
I started this tradition because when she was very small,
Lana had a hard time meeting new people,
so Meet the Teacher day was torture for her.
It made it much easier if she had something in her hands to give to them
when she introduced herself.
Now we do it every year, and the kids look forward to it!

Dan got to go out deep sea fishing with the rest of the staff at Hillcrest,
and had a great time!  They even missed the bad storm that was chasing them.  :)

Dan snuck in a lunch with his mom & grandad one afternoon.
This is Grandaddy's first "selfie."  
He thought it was pretty cool.

Everyone's always glad when Daddy gets home in the evenings - even Pepper.
Look at her holding his hand.

Lana swam in the district championship meet with her team.
She swam 3 individual events, and 2 relays.

 We were so proud of her.  It was her first time to swim in the older age group, 10 and unders.
She placed in the top 8 of all 3 individual events, and her relay team took 2nd and 3rd.

We love time spent with our dear friends, the Moore family.

Friends for nearly 10 years....love this girl.
SO thankful for God putting her in my life.
She loves Jesus like crazy,
and we always pick right back up where we left off.
She's the kind of friend I wish I could get to buy the house next door.

Lana got a new haircut and some new mouth hardware!

 Pepper has been very busy & productive this summer, as you can see:

I love this picture!
My sweet girl is in the foreground, in her favorite place.
And in the background, you can see Tucker,
having his private swim lesson with Coach Alex.
We have become a family of pool rats.

We are just finishing up listening to this book on audiotape.
When I reserved it, I wondered if it would be too long and involved for the kids,
but they have loved it!
We are going to listen to Lord of the Rings next.

shenanigans, I tell you.
all day long.
this is why I love summer: imagination in overdrive.
 a red ninja.
a lego man going snorkeling.
i love my life.

We had a great time at the Wahoo's game with our church a few Wednesday nights ago!

It's hard to believe summertime is done.
I'm not sad to get back to a routine and schedule,
and I'm going to try to hang on to some of the slower pace
we've loved this summer.

Tucker is asking to play soccer,
but we're going to wait until the spring,
so he can get into the groove of kindergarten.

I'm excited about co-teaching with my sweet friend Lauren again - 
it'll be Tuesdays and Thursdays this year.

Dan & I will both be off on Fridays this year:
Date day every week?!

I will be my goal to have laundry, chores, grocery shopping done
so that we can truly enjoy our day without any chores to do.

Ok....maybe the kids going back to school won't be ALL bad!  ;)

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